The Summer Flavors of Serenitea

The Summer Flavors of Serenitea

I’m probably late in the game but I just found out that Serenitea has a running promotion during the summer season!   Read More

L’ Aubergine’s Creative European Cooking at the Maya Kitchen

L' Aubergine's Creative European Cooking at the Maya Kitchen

If you love learning stuff from great chefs all over the world and you live in the Philippines, Maya Kitchen’s Culinary Elite Series is the event you should go to.  This saturday (May 28), we’re in for a treat!  It’s Chef Julian Koeberl’s (L’Aubergine Restaurant & Patisserie) time to show his skills to the audience. Read More

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassadors & New Traditional Balinese four-hand Massage

BlueWater Day Spa

Last April 5, I attended an event hosted by BlueWater Day Spa at the Luxent Hotel.  I know this is a long overdue post.  However, I want to make sure that I tried out the new service from BlueWater Day Spa before I write this blog post. Read More

Recipe: Saucy Adobong Kangkong

Saucy Adobong Kangkong Recipe

I’m one of those who loves vegetables especially Kangkong.  I find it great that Kangkong is very cheap with supermarkets selling them for Php10-15 a bunch.  However, there is one type of Kangkong that I really like — the very saucy Kangkong.  The ones that we usually see are those with only a bit of sauce and while I find those yummy too, I still prefer the one with more sauce.  I guess I just like to put some sauce to my rice which makes my meal more enjoyable to eat. Read More

Recipe: Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

There was a time that I was so addicted to fried chicken.  I would ever 6 pieces of chicken to eat for the whole day and I did that for years.  So when I started to cook for myself, I try to stay away from chicken. I felt I just had an overdose of chicken for years.  However, this is an exception.  I’ve cooked pork adobo a couple of times already.  This time, I needed to try the chicken adobo version.

Read More