New Celine Shoes

Today, we went to megamall to watch a movie & shop for a new TV stand.

I ended up buying shoes instead hahaaha.

I did this because while walking in the mall, I saw this BIG sign downstairs saying “Further Reduction” then I realized it’s the CELINE shop.  So I said, this is the sign I’m going to buy shoes!!!

So we went downstairs, the promo is whenever you buy a pair of shoes, you’ll get the 2nd pair at half the price.  So I said to myself, I’ll definitely get 2 pairs of shoes.

So here they are:

This one I really dont like that much but since I’ll be getting it at Php200 why not? hehehe 🙂

This one I felt is very expensive (Php700) but since I cannot see any more better design, I still got it.

People think I have good fashion sense… I do believe though that I have a flaw… I don’t know how to choose shoes… and I seem to struggle a lot when it comes to matching clothes with shoes.

What do you think of the shoes that I bought today?


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