Red Crab Seafood & Steaks

Red Crab Seafood & Steaks104 JSB Bldg., Tomas Morato Avenue cor. Scout Delgado, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines(02) 374-8406——————–Carie invited me to Red Crab last night to have dinner. She also invited her badminton friends there. Well, the food is nice & ofcourse the price is nice too (hahah if you know what I mean). […]

Mac: View Hidden Files in Finder

How do I view the hidden files and folders in Finder? Finder is the files explorer for the Mac OS. This is what I learned and would like to share with you. Open Terminal You can find this by clicking Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal To see all hidden files, type the ff. […]

Mac: How to Install Windows OS on your MacBook

It was kind of challenging for me to install windows vista in my macbook. Basically because I got some errors and I have to do a lot of research before I finally made it to work. To help you save time, I’ll post here what I did and how it worked Get ready with your […]

My Mac Gears (Part 3 – Bags)

Now you know what kind of gears I have. Now I’m going to share with you the bags that I have to carry them. Here they are: Crumpler McBain Lovechild I fell in love with this bag even before it was available here in the Philippines Crumpler Bags are the coolest bags created, period. I […]

My Mac Gears (Part 2 – Accessories)

Just to continue on… I protect my mac with available accessories in the market. I have chosen the ff.: iSkin I remember I bought this at 900 pesos somewhere but I don’t remember where But I knew the original price was 1800 pesos. This is a must-have especially if you’re using a macbook white. Dirt […]

My Mac Gears (Part 1 – Main)

I love mac… and yes, I’m not a windows fan… I idolize Steve Jobs and I love all Apple products.I’ll be dividing this post into 3: Main Gear, Accessories & Laptop Bags. Here are my main mac gears: Macbook (I bought this to replace my iBook) I’ve finally decided to upgrade my iBook last year. […]

Cheesecake, Etc.

Cheesecake, Etc.780 Banawe Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines(02) 740-8588——————– After dinner, we went straight to Cheesecake etc (also in Banawe, QC) which is just 15 steps away from Teriyaki boy… do you seriously think I counted my steps? ahhaaha Anyway, the interior of the dessert place is amazing… nice colors, nice furniture, nice lighting, […]

Dinner at Teriyaki Boy Banawe

Teriyaki Boy780-A Banawe Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines(02)414-2142——————–I had dinner with sisters Cathy & Cecile to celebrate Cathy’s birthday. It has been a loong time since I last saw them, I haven’t been able to join the bible study meetings. The meetings are usually scheduled thursdays and I usually ended up getting so tired […]

My iPod Gears (Part 2 – Accessories)

I shared what iPods I have in my previous post, now I’ll share the accessories that I bought for them Macally Icesuit Protective Sleeve for iPod Video This is by far the best protective case for the iPod Video. It is very durable and what I love most about this accessory is that it has […]

My iPod Gears (Part 1 – Main)

I currently have 3 iPods ehehhee…. I had the chance to completely have all the iPod models available when our office gaveaway iPod Shuffle for each of us. I decided to just give my iPod Shuffle to my “inaanak”. I’m going to share with you the information of what iPods I have (on this post-Part […]