Asahi IO-6069 Remote Control Stand Fan

I bought this electric fan sometime last week. I never thought that there’s already a remote control fan available in the market. So when i was able to see it in the store, I was like… wow! Nice, we can have remote-control fan & we can also set the timer! Major coolness!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s pretty easy to use as well.

Here is the box.

and here is the fan assembled.

and here is the amazing remote control, hehehe.

Just to give you an idea on what this fan can offer.

There are 5 major areas here:

  • Speed – Controls the settings of the fan (Low, Medium & High), I always set this up at Medium but sometimes high since Philippines weather is hot, hot, hot!
  • Mode – Air selection (Normal, Breeze, Sleep & Automatic). I usually just choose normal here hehehe.
  • Ion – this lets the fan emit negative ions to clean the surrounding air. This is a nice feature, I always turn this on.
  • Oscillate – you can control the operation (horizontal, vertical, infinity). It is really amazing seeing the fan just follow whatever you press in the remote. When you click horizontal, it goes side to side. When you choose vertical, it goes up and down. And when you choose infinity, it just moves into a shape of infinity. hahahaa really, it’s really cool watching it .
  • Timer – You can set the timer till 9 hours. This I might use when I’m getting ready to work so I don’t have to worry about shutting it down hehhe.

I can’t believe I’m liking or even blogging about an electric fan. I guess technology is really progressing fast!


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10 observations on “Asahi IO-6069 Remote Control Stand Fan
  1. Anonymous

    i have a similar asahi fan – but mine is the more sleek model also with remote contorl and ionizer feature – silver color also.but my Asahi fan’s story is not as pretty as yours. the fan looks nice but has three issues:1 – its as slow as grandma2 – it heats up even when turned-off but plugged on the wall electric outlet.3 – it got busted weeks ago – wont turn on anymorecheers

  2. Dgaj5bl

    we bought asahi SF IO-4066 14” w/ rem ,after 6 months d upper part cncting d body was brken they say its not covrd by warrnty well be chargd for this tama byun?

  3. Roch

    after a year, I felt the fan isn’t that useful.. it felt like a mini fan, I ended up just opening the aircon hehee

    I feel sad about your experience, I guess they considered it as the owner not taking care of the product thus not being covered by warranty

  4. Jaybyron

    good day i also have a efan like yours but my problem is the neck upper portion holding the motor and elesi and cover broken already we use it for 4 months my little kid push it and it fell beside him luckily it didn’t hit him could any one tell me where to buy parts so we can use it again many tnx to all

  5. Reymund Aceveda

    My asahi w remote is fine it is sturdy durable i have only 1complain about my asahi fan the motor is a little bit weak compare to my kdk fan no.3 on asahi is like no.1 on my kdk fan asahi must increase the power of their motor to be no.1!!!!!

  6. JadeJade

    hello yall. we got this issue recently and we cant figure how – to disassemble. I need to get rid of the dust inside but it seems like u cant take the shelf off without their (prof’s) help? if you guys have any idea please bump me. hartcrane92@gmail.com


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