Blackbeard Seafood Island


Blackbeard Seafood Island

Market! Market! 26th St. cor. C5, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 889-7321

Situated in Market Market, this restaurant really stood out of all the restaurants on the foodcourt.

If you are craving for seafood or anything Filipino, this is the place to go.

I love how creative they are with their cooking as well as how they presented it.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Dapitan’s Pride (Php 969)

This is served in a big square thingy.. you actually don’t need your plates anymore as you can eat there directly (good for 4 pax)

Includes Coco Gin Shrimps, San Miguel Clams, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Squid, Laing, Steamed Crabs, Grilled Liempo, Kalkag Rice & Atchara Papaya.

  • Kinilaw na Tanigue (Php 185)

I never eat raw food… but I was so tempted to try it out so I ate 1 little piece..I loved it!

  • Oysters (Php 245)

Steamed w/ Sinamak. I actually have no idea what Sinamak is. But I felt this is just steamed that’s it. I tried oysters from other restaurants but it’s always served with cheese & garlic. So this one’s really different coz it’s so simple!

  • Federosa (Php 995)

Just like Dapitan’s pride, this is also served in a big big big square tray (good for 4 pax).

Includes Tocino, Halabos na Hipon, Sisig Kapampangan, Inihaw na Hito, Buro, Mustasa, Salted Egg, Manggang Hilaw.

yummy yummy yummy and it was served with a LOT of rice (Combination of garlic & plain rice)

  • Squid 300g (Php 245)
Typical grilled squid but still cooked deliciously

  • Kuhol sa Gata (Php 125)

I love love love this!!! Yummmyyy!

  • Baby Squid Sisig (Php 225)
This is very unique and tastes VERY good as well.

  • Pinoy Nachos (Php 145)

Not the usual nachos, this is way thinner and crunchier… super good! highly recommended.

I wanted to try their Balut sa Aligue ala Pobre (Php 169) when I get the chance to go back

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