iPhone: How to Use OpenSSH

You will need to use OpenSSH if you like to access what’s inside your iPhone.

Here are the steps:

  • Install OpenSSH in your Cydia App (This is free so no worries) 

  • Click Settings in your iPhone and choose Wifi
  • Choose your wifi network. As for me, I chose my personal home network (Roch Network)
  • photo-2

  • Take note of the IP address field (e.g.
  • Download Cyberduck on your Macintosh Computer
  • Open Cyberduck
Picture 1
    • For Hostname, enter your iPhone’s IP address
    • For username, enter “root” (without the double quotes)
    • for password, enter “alpine” (without the double quotes)
    • don’t forget to choose SSH in File Protocol
    • Press connect & you’re all set
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