G/F Block 1104 Harbour Square, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila

After watching ballet, we went to Icebergs to have desserts.

We ordered the ff.:

  • Mexican Tacos (Php 75)


This is a combination of ground beef, lettuce, cheese, onions & tomatoes), I love the tacos sold at greenhills better.
  • Fresh Buco Juice (Php 58)


the juice is served together w/ syrup and ice. I just added them all together.. normal tasting buco juice heehhe

  • Strawberry Sundae (Php 98)
  • photo-3

I really miss the old menu of Icebergs. It used to have sizzling porkchop w/c I loved very much. I don’t why they removed that from their menu.

I was also planning to order their french fries but I realized I was already gaining a lot of weight. hehehehe

Overall, just a normal dessert place. I really missed the old menu and I do seem to like only one menu item w/c is the french fries.

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2 observations on “Icebergs
  1. jun^_^

    i only eat their desserts. another person i know of never liked their offerings other than desserts. i think they should simply focus on the dessert menu they were famous for. If they want to include lunch and dinner meals they could put up another name and a new concept for it. (Kinda like McCafe and Mcdo. They could put them side by side.) This should be good marketingwise and operationwise.


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