Nike+ Human Race 10k


I never imagined that I’ll be able to complete/finish a race like this one.

I’m not really an athletic person and I never really jogged.

I tried early this year to jog/run but all I did was to walk around UP oval. I tried to jog but can’t seem to sustain it.

I was very ambitious when I joined this 10k race, thinking that I can just walk all through out and not care about my pride or what others might say. I came there prepared to be the last person to finish the race.

When we started the race though, I already thought of quitting. FORTUNATELY, I have 4 angels with me namely Kristy, Drew, Tim & Gian.


They have chosen to stay with me and push me to jog/run/walk and not stop so we can all together finish the race.

They really could have finished the race in 1 hour but they cheered all the way and decided to stay with me and run/walk/jog all the way to the finish line in 2 hours. There was even a point where they are already pulling me along the road hahahahaa!

I could not have completed the race without them… so thank you guys if you’re reading this!

It is truly an achievement and I’m so happy and so inspired to run (really!!!).

Starting this week, every sunday I’ll jog/walk until I learn how to do it properly. Once I’m ready, I’ll join another race. This time around, I won’t slow any people down. Promise!

The Nike Plus Human Race is a worldwide event and I’m so happy that I’m part of it. I made history!

Picture 2

As expected I’m just ranked as #290 out of 300 runners, #88 out of 92 female runners. hahaha What’s important is we completed the race and I’m happy & proud!

Picture 4

And as a bonus, I got these freebies



Picture 3


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3 observations on “Nike+ Human Race 10k
  1. Marcvill

    Hey, I was there too!! Do you always join fun run events ba? Ako usually pang 5k lang, but would sometimes try out 10k runs when I feel like it. See you at the next race! 🙂

  2. Michael

    It's good to see you finished the race. Just do it!I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy 4:7


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