Cafe Ysabel


Cafe Ysabel

455 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 725-5089

It has been such a long time since I went to this restaurant. When we were told that we’re eating at Cafe Ysabel, I was even imagining another restaurant in Ortigas hehehe.

It took us quite a time to wait for the food to arrive. Imagine, we were only able to receive our orders after 1 whole hour? Later on, we found out that the students were the one who cooked our food and the chef has to approve them first before serving to us.

Is it worth the wait? Maybe, but 1 hour is really too long.

We were served the ff. though while waiting:

  • Freshly Baked Bread

This one is served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

  • Virgin Mary

Guess who served us this free offering by the restaurant? A local celebrity here in the Philippines named Janice de Belen. She was telling us that this is something we can take before eating anything. It should be called bloody mary but since this particular shot doesn’t have alcohol then they would call it virgin mary.

This tasted like tomato juice eeheheh but it was good.

Finally, came our orders.. But they tasted good!

  • Sopa Ysabel (Php 115)

Mixed seafood chowder w/ saffron.

  • Gambas (Php 218)

This tasted normal. Just like what restaurants usually serve. I like this version better than the ones served in Filipino grill restaurants.

  • Prawns Thermidor (Php 488)

Shrimps stuffed w/ young mushrooms, vegetables, cheese (baked).

This one I ordered, I was able to cook something like this myself before when I took up a 1-day cooking class. So I had an idea what this dish should taste like. And I’m happy that it is indeed delicious.

  • Mariscada (Php 488)

mixed seafood in olive oil, herbs & tomato sauce.

  • Silk Road Salad (Php 298)

A salad w/ sausage, noodles, apricots, smoked salmon, mango & leaves in apple sprice dressing.

This looked really yummy, I just thought that the salmon looked rare so I didn’t try it when it was offered.

  • Pan Roasted Seabass (Php 988)

We can either choose vietnamese butter & mixed seafood in Crustacean sauce or hazelnut butter w/ wild mushroom ragout. This particular dish that our colleague ordered is the mixed seafood in crustacean sauce.

  • Glazed Spare Ribs (Php 398)

When we say spare ribs, I never really imagine it as ribs… because other restaurants usually serve this in chunks. So I was pleasantly surprised to see how this dish was presented.

It’s honeycured spareribs coated w/ fruity barbeque glaze.

  • Lapu Lapu Al Graten (Php 358)

it’s described as a pre-war favorite (I don’t know why it is though hehehe) .
this was cooked the Spanish way with red wine, cheese and tomatoes

  • Crepe Ysabel (Php 148)

Cafe Ysabel is most famous for their desserts. This is one of them.

Cafe Ysabel serves international food (Filipino, French, Italian, Mediterranean & American). The restaurant used to be an old Spanish house that was transformed into a dining place & cooking school.

We went on a thursday night so there was no pianist. I would advise everyone to go on a weekend so you would hear good music while also appreciating the good ambiance this restaurant has.

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2 observations on “Cafe Ysabel
  1. jun^_^

    The total cost is P3,499. (Does the listed price include service charge and/or VAT?)I have seen the place while on four wheels but never got to really try it. This should be a good place to take your dates. (hearty’s tip: dapat weekends pra may free live piano music) at pra sulit ang bayad. 😉 😉


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