Pancake House


Pancake House

Petron Bel-Air Square, Buendia Ave. cor Makati Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 899-7730

I had lunch with a very close friend of mine yesterday. It’s going to be her last day of work the next day, so I asked if we could have lunch.

We went to Pancake House as it is near our offices and the place is much cozier than the fastfood restaurants around Makati/Buendia avenue.

When you enter the restaurant, the 1st thing that you will notice is the posters hanged around the walls of the place. They are movie posters from before to present. I do wonder how they came up with the concept, must be the owner loves watching movies???


One thing I also noticed is the food is getting more expensive each time. The ones we ordered used to be so cheap before but now it’s like 25% more expensive.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Classic Pan Chicken – 2 pcs (Php 145)

Aside from KFC, Pancake House’s chicken is also good. Surprisingly! I guess it is because when I eat, it’s newly cooked.

  • Sprite (Php 48)

  • House Specials Set (Php 205)

This has always been my favorite menu item in this restaurant. The taco is good, the chicken is really good, the garlic bread is good & the spaghetti USED to be good.

I said ‘used to be’ for the spaghetti because when I had this in my plate and I had my first bite, I didn’t dare eat it anymore. I felt the noodle was so tough and it just felt weird that time. Maybe the chef wasn’t in a good mood?

I ended up just eating the chicken, bread & taco.


This menu item is served with an iced tea as well. You can choose to upgrade it to bottomless by adding a certain amount.

If they raise their prices again, I really would think it’s not worth it anymore. But anyhow, still a good place to hang out to.

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2 observations on “Pancake House
  1. Anonymous

    i know the place. i used to pass by it. i might just want to order pancakes from them. (I haven’t tried pancakes at the pancake house) I ate maybe just a few times. Come to think of it no memorable food comes to mind. This restaurant (also owns Dencio’s I think) is listed at the Phil. Stock Exchange with a Market Cap of about P1.9B. It traded at a 52 wk low of P7 per share and earned P0.33 for 2007. =)

  2. rochellesychua

    wow . how technical… but pancake doesn’t come to mind when i go to Pancake House.. the Pan Chicken comes to mind, I love it.. but it’s really getting expensive… so I might not go there as often anymore. 🙂


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