World Class Persian Kabab


World Class Persian Kabab

G/F Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Metro Manila

I was really craving for this yesterday. And glad that I was able to go there to eat. Yummy yummy… just by blogging about it, I’m craving again… have to think of my diet..

Here are what we ordered:

  • Beef Kebab (Php 45)

This is usually what I order when I go to Persian restaurants. This is the cheapest beef kebab I’ve known so far. Cheap & delicious.

  • Beef Tomato (Php 45)

This is like “giniling”, nothing really special but still good.

  • Chicken Barbeque (Php 70)

This one I love… the chicken is tasty, delicious… I put their chili sauce here and it really tasted so good. I’ll order this next time when I go there.

  • Pita Bread (Php 10)

  • Classic Rice (Php 10)

Cheap, cheap, cheap & I prefer this to complement the beef kebab.

On the other hand, do you know that if you like butter in your rice, you have to pay extra (Php 15)? And the butter is just like half-a-teaspoon, that I don’t recommend (not worth it).

  • Mango Shake (Php 30)

  • Lamb Chop with Rice (Php 140)

I’m not a fond of lamb so I didn’t appreciate it much. I believe though that this is well-cooked and enjoyed by the customers in the restaurant. A lot of people ordered this when we were there.

Would you believe there are just 2 of us who have eaten all of that? And it’s cheap… still less than 500 pesos. Really worth it. You should try it. I prefer this over Behrouz & Mister Kebab restaurants.

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10 observations on “World Class Persian Kabab
  1. jun^_^

    yehey! finally something within my means. I'll try it if i'll have a chance. "Would you believe there are just 2 of us who have eaten all of that? -yes, i really do believe it. I'm asserting it.(;P)And it's cheap… still less than 500 pesos. Really worth it. You should try it. -i would.I prefer this over Behrouz & Mister Kebab restaurants -i like the affordability. probably the best persian priced place in the phils. ;P

  2. rochellesychua

    You really should go there… the 1st time I went there I forgot to take a picture coz I was too excited to eat… good thing, I remembered it when I went there last wk ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. miss Jei

    the beef kebab tastes like any ordinary burger patty but its moist compared to mister kebab’s.its the cheapest place i know that serves persian food, i like their pita bread with motabal(eggplant dip) and hummus. One thing that kinda dissapoints is their garlic mayo which lacks flavor. Mister kebab’s garlic mayo (yoghurt sauce) is way better and really tasty.

  4. rochellesychua

    heard that comment from a friend of mine as well… Since I’m not really fond of putting sauces to food, I didn’t notice that flaw in the restaurant :PI’m liking this better as I hate the queue in mister kebab… have to stand like 30mins to 1 hr just to get seated


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