G/F FEMII Bldg., A. Soriano Ave., Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila

(02) 522-0201


On the 1st day of classes at the FPFF office in Intramuros, we had lunch at Binalot. We have chosen this fastfood restaurant because it’s just at the G/F of the building and it was raining.

Anyway, I really didn’t like the food and I don’t think I’ll ever go back again. Some people may appreciate it but it just doesn’t fit my taste.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Daing na Bangus (Php80)

My classmate liked it a lot and she told me that whenever she goes to Binalot, she always makes sure that she orders this dish. I guess she’s a satisfied customer

  • Water (Php20)

  • Sinigang with a Bang (Php80)
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I ordered this and I was very disappointed but I guess I understand. It is a cheap sinigang for only Php80. It was just full of fat and I was only able to appreciate the soup.

  • Sago’t Gulaman (Php20)

I like the concept though. All their foods are wrapped in banana leaves. The design of their restaurant is pretty nice as well.

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2 observations on “Binalot
  1. Anonymous

    hindi masarap?:( I always wanted to try binalot but never did hehe.. there was one time extra binalot in our office from a meeting i think but i brought it home lang but didn’t eat it haha super not good? 😛 – JO


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