My Mom’s Arrival :)

I’m happy that my mom came home to visit me for christmas and new year. This is the 1st time in 5 years that we’re going to spend the holidays! For this year, I won’t feel alone & lonely wohooo!

Her arrival was just a looonng wait for me coz I really was too excited to see her. Considering that I’ve not seen her for over a year.

She told me that she’s flying via Pacific Air. I was really lost what that airline is coz I NEVER heard of it. I thought that I might just need to got to NAIA terminal 1 as all international flights go through there and my mom is coming from Taiwan.

Since she’s arriving on a wednesday and her flight arrives at 3:55PM, I will need to think of a way to maximize my time. Why? Because that day is also my car’s color coding day. So I have to arrive at the airport by 3PM or else I will get flagged down by police.

I arrived at exactly 3PM at NAIA terminal 1 just to know that I was in the wrong airport terminal!!!

Good thing, I remember the flight number exactly and found out that it’s not Pacific Air but Cebu Pacific! Even if I just parked for less than 5 minutes, they still asked me to pay Php 50 for the parking… very disappointed in NAIA’s regulations on this one.

When I arrived at NAIA terminal 3, I parked again. And was happy and relieved coz the airport si super NICE! I can wait inside and will be able to see the people arriving comfortably. I was just too anxious to see my mom that I stood there at the waiting window for 2 hours. My mom’s flight was delayed so she arrived at 5:30PM.

The airport officials didn’t allow us to bring the push cart to my car so I have to go out of the parking and drive around to get my mom’s stuff and since it’s color coding day, I have to park again and wait till 7PM before we can finally get home. And guess what? I paid parking TWICE on terminal 3 coz they dont care if I just went around to get my mom’s stuff and park again. So all in all, I paid more than Php100 just to pay for parking.. hayyy

I was disappointed but hey, I saw my mom! and I’m ecstatic! Glad my mom is here… She’s my life.. she’s the reason why I’m living in this world and she’s also the only reason why I’m working hard.. I love her and I sooo looking forward to spending more time with her. Hope this holiday season doesn’t end…


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