World of Warcraft Battlechest

These past few days/weeks I’ve been really addicted to playing World of Warcraft (WoW).
I started by playing the free 10-day trial. And since I LOVE the game, I bought this WoW Battlechest so I can finally have my own account and start paying the monthly subscription fee.


I bought this at Datablitz for Php 2,795.00. It’s a lil expensive here in the Philippines but I still think it’s worth it… this game is really the best MPORG available wohoo!

Included in the WoW Battlechest are the ff.:

  • Installers (now in DVD!)
    • World of Warcraft SKU
    • Burning Crusade Expansion Pack
  • Strategy guides for WoW & Burning Crusade
  • Game Manuals
  • WoW guest pass
  • Blizzard catalog

I will need time to read the strategy guides but I’m really distracted coz I’d rather use the time to play the game than reading the guides hahaha. Maybe I’ll just read it while I’m out

With this post, I’m starting a new section in my blog called WorldofWarcraft. Well, obviously because this is my new hobby/passion hehehe. I’ll be posting more soon. Maybe introduce my character first, share some information about her.

To give you some information on my toon:

  • Name – Siannah
  • Class – Undead Warlock
  • Realm – Coilfang
  • Guild – Bloodshed Battallion

You can send a whisper if you’re playing at Coilfang, I’d be glad to chat with people while playing


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3 observations on “World of Warcraft Battlechest
  1. Anonymous

    Used to play and got to level 26 elf i think, be careful when eventually canceling your account with blizzard i had some trouble and had to get my bank to block the payments.

  2. ugg boots

    I like assassins, in the original World of Warcraft called thieves, stalkers were called after harmony.
    Output is a good job ah, close attack, can stealth, can faint.
    In a copy of the output could get the first good DZ. But also very easy to hang the job. . . Haha.


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