Max’s Restaurant


Max’s Restaurant
3rd Level, Bldg. A, Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

(02) 7-9000

My mom was really craving for the “sarap to the bones” Max’s chicken. She kept bugging about it the whole day that she wanted to try it. So right after we finish shopping, we went to Max’s Restaurant for dinner.

I’m glad my mom’s happy with her order, at least our trip there is worth it

I am however was not hungry that time and wasn’t in a mood to eat anything, 1 reason is I’m on diet and I felt that I should not gain any more weight hehe. Besides I still prefer KFC chicken over Max’s restaurant though I do agree that Max’s chicken is good as well.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Veggie Lumpia Bites (Php81)

I wasn’t hungry but I can’t let my mom eat alone so I ordered this. I don’t think I have the liberty to judge the food coz I wasn’t really in a mood to eat anything that night. I didn’t like it, I only took a small bite and had it wrapped so I can take it home. There was mayonnaise and that, I don’t eat

  • Buko Pandan Special (Php53)

My mom ordered this for dessert. I didn’t try it so I don’t know the taste hehe

  • Basic Max’s Meal (Php 137)

A combination of 1/4 Max’s Chicken, Plain Rice, Caramel Bar and Softdrink. My mom was smiling when she was eating this so I believe this is delicious. I have ordered this before and was satisfied as well. Definitely something we can recommend if you go to Max’s Restaurant (their chicken meals).

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5 observations on “Max’s Restaurant
  1. Anonymous

    Max’s Chicken is very delicious especially with UFC Banana Ketchup – although, I prefer KFC, Savory or Sincerity Chicken :p

  2. Anonymous

    ahh, it’s really yummy – they have crispy fried chicken – part chop to smaller pieces than the typical fried chicken we get; but it’s yummy enough not to dip into any sauce.:)


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