Suzhou Dimsum


Suzhou Dimsum
807 Sabino B, Padilla Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 309-7302

My mom’s friend opened this place in Gandara. We went there to meet with my mom’s best friend and ate there for lunch.

We tried out almost all their specialties and I must say, I’m very satisfied. I especially love the shallot oild pancake, yummy!!! Too bad I hate going to Binondo.. but if there’s a chance, I’ll go back there.

We ordered the ff.:

  • Green Mongo Congee (Php35)

My mom ordered this while waiting for auntie Nancy to arrive. I tried it but didn’t like it. I guess I’m just not fond of this kind of congee served hot. I think this could have been delicious if served very cold hehehe. I don’t know.. just my thinking

  • Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea (Php40)

This is definitely one of my favorite beverages. This is only served in a few chinese restaurants though. But this is definitely good, everyone should try it. Super yummy!!

  • Spicy Beans Minced Pork (Php140)

Chinese sitaw they say…. I tried this the 1st time at Sze Chuan House in Roxas Blvd and I’m hooked. So delicious & good. Other restaurant that I know has this dish is Pho Hoa. I love Suzhou Dimsum’s version as well. I can eat this like every week. Yummy!

  • Xiao Long Pao (Php80)

This is their specialty and I agree that it is. Tasted very good & juicy as well.

  • Shallot Oiled Pancake (Php80)

When you go to this place, don’t ever forget to order this one. I’m super over to the max pleasantly surprised on how good this dish is. I think I was able to eat like 4-5 slices of this (hopefully my mom’s friends don’t see this post, they’ll know that I was the one who finished the dish hahahaha )

  • Mustard Vegetable Fried Rice (Php120)

People usually think that everyone doesn’t like vegetables. I was asked if I’m okay to eat vegetable rice and I said ofcourse! I love vegetables. They let me try this and I like it!! Healthy & delicious.

  • Stewed Squid with 3-Cup Sauce (Php240)

This is a funny one. We ordered one of this dish and the waitress thought that we ordered 3!!! How can 5 people eat 3 orders of this?? Then we realized in the end that when we said “squid 3-cup”, the waitress assumed that it’s 3 orders of squid. Funny. Good thing, the other table overheard and helped us by getting the 1 order.

Overall, a pretty decent place. If only they’ll open this in Quezon City, I’ll definitely dine there.

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6 observations on “Suzhou Dimsum
  1. Anonymous

    Roch if i may butt in maraming branches ang suzhou, origiinal i believe is aong mabini near music21. There is also a branch sa may san juan near cafe isabel, a branch sa robinson’s otis, and soon in banawe if my old memory serves me right. Yun lang hehehe

  2. Anonymous

    you’re right … winner ang shallot oiled pancake … we went there last january 30. tsaka i enjoyed yung golden corn biscuits nila … I’ll surely go back there 🙂

  3. rochellesychua

    golden corn biscuits? talga? I want to try it din pero my mom’s friend told me that it’s not good… so I guess it’s good then ehehhehee :)Let me try it when I have a chance


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