Usual Extra Things You can Do in Boracay

There are 4 things people do in Boracay whenever they find time, they are the ff.:

  • Hair Braid


Have you always wanted to have a hairdo like the ones being done by the Africans, Blacks, etc? I’m sure we do, they look good and look really tedious to do… So it’s not a common thing for us since it’s expensive to do here and it’s hard to maintain.

It’s quite common in Boracay and I said to myself that one day before we go home, I’ll definitely try it out.

The girl told me that doing it will cost me around Php200-250, I said that it’s too expensive and haggled till we both agreed that I’ll pay Php150 for the hairdo. Wow, it really took almost 30minutes to do. But I’m definitely satisfied. The girl who did this is really good, I’m impressed.

  • Henna Tattoo

I believe this is the most popular from the 4. Both guys and girls will have tattoos on their arms, back, legs & abdomen area. The price ranges from Php100-200 depending on the size of the tattoo.

Last christmas when I was in Boracay, there really wasn’t much people there and business is quite bad. While I was walking in the beach, a person asked me if I like to have a henna tattoo and he’ll give 50% discount. Ofcourse, I agreed. I only paid Php100 for the tattoo. I’m very satisfied.

The tattoo lasted for about 2 weeks. Worth it.

  • Glitter Tattoo

Another version of tattoo is the Glitter one. I think mostly girls will want to do this. It’s pretty “kikay” in a way. And it is more expensive than the henna one. It looks good on the 1st day but after that, ugghhh.

The 1st thing they do is to ask if you put on lotion, if yes, they will need to put alcohol and remove it coz the glue won’t stick with the lotion on your skin. 2nd, they’ll put the pattern on the area where you want the tattoo to be on. Next, they’ll put glue then they’ll put the glitters and lastly clean it up.

Mine (arm) costs Php150 and my mom (hand) also has one, hers costs Php100.

  • Body Massage
My mom and her friends had their massages and it costs about Php250-300 per person. It takes about an hour. I’m not fond of massages coz it tickles hahahaa so no pictures here sorry
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