Japanese Lessons – Feb 24 & Feb 26 2009

It’s really fortunate for us that there are some people in our company who are kind enough to provide us Japanese lessons. These kind of lessons usually cost around Php8,000. And they are just generous enough to give it to us for FREE!

And as a bonus, the sessions that I attended, the teacher (Ghe) is superb! She is very engaging, energetic & extremely good in my opinion. It really made us be so attentive in the Japanese class. For that alone, I’m so thankful that I joined.

Here are what we learned so far:

February 24, 2009
Ohayou Gozaimasu – Morning
Konnichi Wa – Afternoon
Konban Wa – Evening
Sumimasen – Excuse Me
Hajimemashite – Nice to Meet You
Rochelle to Moushimasu – My name is Rochelle
Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu – Please be good to me
Onamae Wa Nan Desu Ka – What’s your name?
Eeto N/Anon Ne – uhmmm/aaahhh
Minasan – Everyone

February 26, 2009
Muzukashii – Difficult
Desu Ka – Question/End a Question
Desu – sentence/period/end a sentence
Kantan desu – Easy/Piece of Cake
Jin – “-ese” (e.g., Chinese = Chuugoku Jin)

Pronouns Countries Language Nouns
Watashi (I/me) Firipin (Philippines) Firipingo Sensei (Teacher)
Anata (You) Nihon (Japan) Nihongo Gakusei (Student)

Kono Kata (This person)

Sono Kata (that person)

Furansu (France) Furansugo Kaishain (Employee)
Watashi-tachi (we) Chuugoku (China) Chuugokugo Enjiniaa (Engineer)

Honkon (Hong Kong)
Honyakusha (Translator)

Taiwan (Taiwan)
Tsuuyakusha (Interpreter)

Tai (Thailand) Taigo

Amerika (USA) Eigo

Igirisu (UK) Eigo

Oosutoraria (Australia) Eigo

Kankoku (Korea) Kankokugo

Doitsu (Germany) Doitsugo

Indo (India) Hindigo

Roshia (Russia) Roshiago

Indoneshia (Indonesia) Indoneshiago

Mareeshia (Malaysia) Mareeshiago

Bunpou (Grammar):

_____________ wa ____________ desu

Fukushuu (Review):

Minasan, hajimemashite, (your name) to moushimasu. Watashi wa (your country) kara kimashita. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. (pronoun) wa (person’s name) desu. (pronoun) wa (person’s country) kara kimashita.

Everyone, Nice to meet you, My name is (your name), I’m from (your country). Please be nice to me. (pronoun) is (person’s name). (pronoun) is from (person’s country).

I’m definitely looking forward to the next sessions

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5 observations on “Japanese Lessons – Feb 24 & Feb 26 2009
  1. Garando

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned Roch! Grabe these lessons were super popular! When I saw the email puno na yung class!! :DDa best na sensei talaga si Ghe. He used to teach our team last year eh.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree!!! Agree! Agree! Agree!I had already worked with your teacher Ghe and she’s really something :)Bengga mareng Ghe! I am sooo proud of you!

  3. rochellesychua

    Yeah! I'm soooo looking forward to the lessons… galing ng teacher eh! I myself don't have the talent of engaging all students in a language class.. galing eh… she really made it soooo fun & interesting 🙂


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