Seven Pounds Movie Review


I watched this movie last week and I ended up crying

It was about a man named Tim Thomas (Will Smith), who was involved in a car crash and killed 7 people including his fiance. This is due to him using his cellphone while driving. Serves as a lesson for us right?

Tim can’t seem to get over his guilt over what happened and decided to pay back by helping 7 different people.

  1. his brother Ben – he gave him a lung lobe
  2. child services worker Holly – he gave her part of his liver
  3. junior hockey coach – George – he gave a kidney
  4. a young boy Nicholas – he gave a bone marrow
  5. a mother of 2 kids w/ an abusive boyfriend – he gave his beach house
  6. blind meat salesman Ezra – he gave his corneas
  7. greeting card printer Emily – he gave his heart

As the story goes, I really can’t help but feel sorry for him. I mean I surely am guilty of texting while driving. I’ve been doing that and luckily have not been in an accident. He’s a good person, he doesn’t drink but he just got unlucky coz he was thinking about work. When I think about it, I might/will do the same thing. It just pains me to see someone go through that because of one innocent mistake. So sad…

I went out of the movie with my nose really really red. I hid in the washroom for a few minutes till I look a lil better hehehe.

I guess the biggest lesson here is not to text while driving. You don’t know that 1 simple mistake like that can do to our lives…

My rating for Seven Pounds: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Roch… Concentrate on the road man! Don’t text while you drive. The movie really touches the heart…. an emotional drama… She really cries! :-) A faitful secret who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers. Two thumbs up! A must see movie!

  • rochellesychua

    who are you talking to tim? hahaha will he be able to read this? hahahaah jk jk!