Yellow Chicken Inasal Food House


Yellow Chicken Inasal Food House
Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 467-0808

I’ve been wanting to try out this restaurant ever since when. Since we always pass by Banawe, this always catches my eye. I know it just looks like the same old inasal restaurants but I just have this feeling that it’s good.

So when I had the chance, I asked my friend if we could eat there.

We ordered the ff.:

  • Mixed Seafoods (Php180)

Combination of shrimps, squid, tahong, clams, crab served in a sweet & sour sauce? I’m not really sure what sauce it is. I didn’t order this so I just tried 1 piece squid heehhehe… tasted okay.

  • Plain Rice (Php40)

  • Hita (Php80)

A quarter chicken composed of thigh and leg.YUMMY ! This is all I can say, I’m completely satisfied. The chicken is juicy and I like it more when dipped in their sauce.


  • Minute Maid (Php40)

While we were still waiting for our orders, we were served peanuts! cool!


Overall, I’m very satisfied. I think this is one of the better Inasal Restaurants out there. And it’s just near my house

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7 observations on “Yellow Chicken Inasal Food House
  1. Anonymous

    loooove this inasal house and super affordable pa. what i know their plain rice is only about P20 not P40:)


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