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This is the 2nd bloggers event that I joined in. I find the events extremely interesting and it just doesn’t evolve on one certain topic/personality. Since I really blog on almost everything, I’m glad that I could join in and learn at the same time, also share my thoughts on those.

I’ve always wanted to meet BB Gandanghari. He was like my celebrity crush when I was young (when she was still Rustom Padilla). Having attended this event gave me a chance to understand her more. I admire her for being brave enough to admit and stand for what she believes in.

This event was organized by POC (Philippine Online Chronicles). POC is an online publication that captures moments in politics, sports & entertainment. Pretty cool concept. You can visit their website at http://www.thepoc.net.


We were given some printed handouts with some facts/trivia about BB. Let me share what was written in one of the sheets here:

10 things you have to know about BB Gandanghari

  1. BB made her 1st public appearance at the 31st Gawad Urian on October 1, 2008, when she presented the Best Actor Award. She was then simply “Gandanghari.”
  2. Gandanghari is a real name. According to BB, she once saw a girl in UST who was named Gandanghari and she liked the name so muchshe decided to use it for herself.
  3. The name BB is short for Binibini. It is also a contraction of BB’s motto: “Be all that you can be.”
  4. BB loves white wine & fresh fruit.
  5. During photoshoots, BB loves to have mood music playing in the background. She especially likes sentimental music by Basil Valdez & Rey Valera, and the song “Alipin” by Shamrock.
  6. Because she believes that taking the stairs in her high heels is a way to lose weight, BB doesn’t like to use the elevator.
  7. BB’s height is 5’11” and she says her vital statistics are 36-25-26.
  8. Iman, BB’s labrador, is named after a famous Somali fashion model.
  9. Audrey Hepburn is BB’s favorite fashion icon and style inspiration.
  10. Updates on BB’s activities may be found in gandanghari.thepoc.net.

BB graciously answered all the questions that we had on topics like family, love, religion, fashion & career. I still would want her to be Rustom rather than BB but ofcourse we have to respect whatever she decides on and just wish her well

Aside from being able to meet BB face to face, I was able to win a book about Jose Rizal! I wasn’t really expecting it coz I know that we’re just going to attend the event and meet BB Gandanghari and this is a nice bonus. One of the organizers even mentioned that a lot of sweat and blood was put in the book so it made me appreciate the book more.


You can find more pictures here.

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