Bloggers Night Out by Playboy Philippines


When I hear the word “party” all I can think of is “it’s going to be fun, fun, fun!”. I immediately signed up after Azrael released the registration form to everyone

I wasn’t able to meet the bloggers during the 1st 2 events I attended so I was kinda determined that this time around, I’ll meet at least 5 bloggers. I’m glad I was able to! whopeeee!!!!

Anyway, the purpose of the party is to celebrate the new image of Playboy Philippines as it tries to move away from the usual men’s magazine to something more sophisticated. When I hear about this, I wonder what kind of change it is. Coz when we hear Playboy, all we can think of are pretty, sexy, naked ladies & playboy bunnies So I wonder how they would change that, are they going to change the concept like the one Cosmopolitan or Metro Magazine has?

I wasn’t able to get the answer in the party, coz I still see the same playboy bunnies, playmates wearing overly sexy outfits and the new cover they unveiled are extremely sexy as well. I guess I just have to buy their 1st anniversary issue and read through it to see what has changed. Let’s see….

The party was well attended, lots of bloggers were there… ready to mingle and party with everyone. I’m super thankful to Jennie as she was kind enough to give me her number so I can join them once we arrive. And with that, I did not feel out of place and I really enjoyed the party.

All guests can take pictures with the playboy bunnies and the playmates. There were also some games wherein prizes are given.

  • Early Bird Blogger (1st one who arrived the event) wins a GNC Php1,000 Certificate
  • Female & Male Sexiest Blogger of the night (voted by how loud the applause are) wins a Tequila Bottle
  • Anyone who brought the 1st issue of the magazine won a free invite to the exclusive Playboy anniversary party on April 2.
  • Jagermeister drinking contest (the winners won Php1,000 each)

I had fun, thanks for Playboy Philippines for the event. Hoping for their success. I’m thinking that organizing events like this can really help market their magazine. As for me, I really didn’t know that there is a local version of Playboy Magazine here. And us blogging about it can also help spread the word. It’s the original men’s magazine after all

You can find the pictures here.

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