Cashflow 101


My friend asked me if I could accompany him to the game. It was his 1st time and he didn’t know anyone, I tried playing the game once before and decided that might as well play it again (maybe try a different strategy).

I was pleasantly surprised on how this was organized. When I played this before, it was just purely a game. But this time, we were taught on why and how we acted upon a move w/c is really cool. Aside from being able to meet people, we also learned a lot about the concepts of investing & stuff.

Cashflow game is created by Robert Kiyosaki to teach us how to get out of the rat race. Basically, to develop skills on how to achieve financial freedom.

My Auntie Beng is a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki, when I was still in high school, she influenced me to reading his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. I was hooked and he became my favorite author of all time.

It’s sad that I think that I never learned the concepts coz I ended up the poorest from the group! I lost the game big time hahahahha! My strategy that time was to invest conservatively… I think the lesson there is not to let opportunities pass.. sometimes we really need to take risks in order to succeed.

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4 observations on “Cashflow 101
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  2. earthlingorgeous

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  3. Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

    Husband and I love Robert Kiyosaki as well. We appreciate Rich Dad and Poor Dad book so much.On my part before reading Rich Dad, an uncle of mine had already open my eyes in the world of investment at the tender age of 21. While Robert learned when he was much younger. Anyways, we’d love to try this game but haven’t seen one in a bookstore.Cheers!


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