Do You Know Where I Can Buy This Dress?


I was watching How I Met Your Mother and saw one of the characters wearing the dress.
It is a dress and NOT a bikini, looks cool isn’t it?

I really want to have one!

Anyone know where I can buy it here in Manila or in other countries?

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4 observations on “Do You Know Where I Can Buy This Dress?
  1. earthlingorgeous

    Haven’t seen the movie yet and can’t make-up the dress/shirt here looks like a two piece suit :P but i’m sure meron online yan hahahaha lahat meron online :)

  2. sqlocarinas

    years ago, a group in P&G FSS had a presentation and had this as their costume. they had it custom made from a store that makes spray painted shirts.

  3. Ria

    ive seen these there…i kinda find it weird though, especially kung lola nakasuot hehehe. siguro kung ikaw bagay pa!


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