Japanese Lessons – March 10 2009

I wasn’t able to join the lessons for the past 4 sessions already

I seem to have meetings during this time and I’m sad that I missed the sessions. I was able to get hold of someone notes’, thus sharing….

Lessons on People


  • Nan nin How many (nin refers to # of person)
  • Nan sai how old
  • Imasen I don’t have (for person)
  • Arimasen I don’t have (for inanimate objects)
  • Nihonggo ga waraku do you speak Japanese?
  • ________ ga deriku do you know _________?
  • Sukoshi a little (reply to waraku)

Counting referring to person

1 Hitori
2 Futari
3 San-nin
4 Shi-nin
5 go-nin

** different affixes are used as counter for nouns

Lessons on Time


  • Ji put suffix ji after the number to mean time
  • Am gozen (put in front of time)
  • Pm gogo (put in front of time)
  • Half hour or 30mins han (placed after ji meaning half of an hour)

e.g., 1:00AM gozen ichi-ji

12:30PM gogo jyu ni ji han

Additional for Numbers

Picture 2

  • 10,000 Man
  • 100,000 Juman
  • 1,000,000 Hyakuman
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