My Poor Dear Car….

Last week, when I got home, we found out my car has that ff. damages:

  • one tire is flat
  • big scratch on the left side of the car

When my carpoolmate and I was driving home, we already heard the very weird sound on my car. It’s like the sound of a helicopter. I just thought that I’ll just go to banawe on the weekend as my car is quite old already and might have a problem with the engine or something.

It is a good thing that there’s no damage. Apparently, the helicopter sound is because I’m already running flat. Thank God that we got home safe.

In the morning, we inspected my car and found out that someone deliberately put a big nail on my tire!!! Before doing that, I suppose he/she used the same nail to put a scratch on my car. I’m quite sure it happened on the parking lot of Petron Megaplaza Building because it is where I last parked.

I happen to park at the basement 5 of Petron Megaplaza in Makati. I don’t like the place at all and I’m really pissed off on how Petron has chosen to give our company this space considering that Basement 5 is SMELLY, dirty, DARK, incovenient to go to (since we have to use the stairs) & a lil dangerous especially for girls if we go home late. And because of what happened to my car, I’m really convinced that it is NOT a good place to park.

I went to a vulcanizing shop in Mandaluyong to have my tire fixed. The person who helped me said that the damage is pretty big. There were 2 holes found and it even went as far as having my tire punctured.



While waiting, I decided to make a blog entry about this experience so I took pictures and observed how the guy in shop will repair this.

Here are the steps that the guy did to fix the damage:

  • Remove the tire from the mugs

  • inspect the tire

  • the guy said he needs to create a “tapal” on the tire to cover up the hole. So he prepared it by using this machine.

  • Then he applied it to the tire by using this.

With that, the tire’s repaired They put it in my trunk and I’m ready to go.

It costs me Php150 to repair the tire.

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5 observations on “My Poor Dear Car….
  1. cher

    i really hope it’s not deliberate. But since the nail was found under the tire you could have gotten the nail on the road as well. It happens. This happened to me before also and yeah i have to agree sobrang hassle talaga pag ganyan.

  2. Gilbert

    Based on the photos the punture looks random. That’s how 99% of flat tires look like. A nail or scrap metal piercing through the tread like that is very, very common.BTW, Php150 is to much for the repair job that he did. The manual “tapal method” is suppose to cost no more than 50 bucks at most corner vulcanizing shops. If it was a “rubber insert” that he used, Php120 tops.


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