Oody’s Bar & Restaurant


Oody’s Bar & Restaurant

2nd Level Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila 
(02) 757-4259

We ate at Oody’s for dinner after watching “Unborn”. I’m just happy that we have good food coz we were all really disappointed with the movie. I’ll blog about it soon.

This is my favorite Thai restaurant. All the dishes are just yummy for me. I especially love their pad thai and I’m super duper over the max addicted to their pandan juice. I just wish I know how to prepare one so I can just drink it every single day hehehe.

We ordered the ff.:

  • Pandan Juice (Php75)

This is the only place I know that serves Pandan Juice. I’ll be overly happy to be drunk with this drink hehehe! I think I was able to drink 4-5 servings of this when we went there. I can drink more actually. I super love it!

  • Chicken Pandan (Php188)

It’s basically Marinated Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaves. Specialty of Oodys, pretty good. I really just love all the dishes in this place.

  • Fried Catfish with Sweet & Sour Sauce (Php230)

Another pretty delicious dish, I just can’t get enough though. There’s only much meat we can eat in a single catfish. It was just fried & cooked perfectly.

  • Pad Thai (Php240)

Best fried noodles ever. Thai Rice Noodles with tiger shrimps, bread sprouts, egg in tamarind sauce with chopped peanuts. I’m really curious who came up with this recipe as all the ingredients are just perfectly delicious together.

  • Pandan Rice (Php28)

Just plain rice that was just named pandan rice. I don’t know why.

  • Chicken Satay (Php138)

their own BBQ version. It’s grilled chicken in curry. Served with peanut sauce. I’m not really fond of curry so this is just okay for me.

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One observation on “Oody’s Bar & Restaurant
  1. Ria

    My favorite is the tom yum goong (hehe dunno if i spelled that right!)But i agree, yummy yung pandan juice. Only downside to Oodys is its a bit expensive…it used to be more affordable before!


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