Recipes by Cafe Metro


Recipes by Cafe Metro
2/F Trinoma Mall, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 901-3686

Debbie celebrated her birthday with us here. She treated us for dinner then we walked around Trinoma mall & chatted the night away.

We arrived a lil early so we took some pictures first. We ordered right away so the food was just in the table. We were all a bit hungry and decided to eat after 30minutes. The food is not that hot anymore but still very good!

Here are what we ordered:

  • Gising Gising (Php160)

This is my favorite of them all. I don’t quite understand what vegetable they used in this, but according to a friend, it is baguio beans. So delicious, it’s spicy, very tasty. I love it!

  • Lechon Kawali with Kangkong (Php205)

This dish is a bit on the okay side. It’s good but not spectacular. I used to eat even the fatty part of the lechon kawali but for this dish, I opted not to eat it as it’s not well done. I also noticed that lechon kawali and kangkong is a good combination!

  • Spicy Squid (Php168)

I think this is squid with the usual chinese spicy sauce. they took out the head and sliced it in a way that it’s easay to eat. A good appetizer and can also be eaten with rice.

  • Crispy Tilapia (Php205)

My friend commented that this dish is far better than the one they serve at Abe (see my post in Abe here). I do think that they are different in their own way. This version by Recipe has more fish meat though and I guess a bit more affordable. Nice dish, delicious.

  • Generals Chicken (Php205)

I used to only appreciate KFC chicken but this chicken is catching up… It’s uberly tasty & delicious! It’s a lil sweet and the chicken is cooked just right… I don’t know how to explain this but I’m loving this dish. Don’t forget to order this when you try out Recipes.

  • Plain Rice (Php38)

  • Garlic Rice (Php48)

I didn’t like their garlic rice. they cooked rice with soy sauce & garlic. I think it’s best if they don’t put soy sauce, the taste is just weird.

  • Beef Stew (Php258)

I like this one too. But the serving is just too small… I think I only ate 1/3 of one piece of this beef stew.. how pathetic it’s delicious pa naman… I guess 7 people can’t really share this… Recipes dishes are just good for 2 pax.

Overall, I think the food has a pretty small serving considering that the price is a bit on the expensive side. But still, I love the taste, yummy!

Around 8:30PM, we noticed that the mall went dark and the restaurant’s lights are also dimmed. Hey they are celebrating Earth Hour too.

More pictures here.

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