Beauty & Fashion Bloggers’ Greenwich Tea Party


It is such an honor to be invited by Lace Llanora (styleandrelax.net) to the great tea party for Beauty & Fashion bloggers! Though I was starting to fill up my Beauty & Fashion section, it is so nice that I’ll be able to grow this section of my blog with activities like this one!

The event started with great great food by Greenwich (I’ll post a separate entry for this one), Greenwich’ manager sharing with us the changes with their services and also new menu items. I really love the food! I wish I was able to finish everything in front of me but after we found out that our event will be televised on QTV for Qtube (airs every thursdays, 10PM), I kinda felt so conscious that I wasn’t able to eat that much hahaha!


We waited for Andi Manzano (host of Qtube) & we started by introducing ourselves 1 by 1. We also took that chance to share our blog and also the reason why we blog about beauty & fashion.


Next, we were asked to share our TOUGHEST fashion experience. I shared my embarassing experience wherein my 4-inches heel broke! hahaha I just shared that when it was broken, I ended up trying to pretend that I still have it. Andi has the power to choose which experience is the toughest and with that, the winner will win Tough Jeans! Earth won! She shared that since her shoe size is really small, it is really such a challenge for her to find shoes and sometimes she has to visit the children’s section just to be able to find one that fits her. Congrats Earth!


Next in line is the raffle! 2 lucky bloggers will be able to win Ipanema!!! And this time, the male fashion bloggers won! Congratulations to Khaz & Dhon!


The main event for me? The makeover! hahahha why? Because I’m the one that they are going to put make up on! Thanks to Anna Tan (lipstickaddict.blogspot.com) for the great makeup! hahaha it’s just so funny that I’ll be able to show off my new look in a DOTA game with friends hehehe. I’ll also post a separate blog entry for the makeover.


Both Anna & I were given beauty products courtesy of Stratworks.


Lastly, we have to end it in style! So ready for a catwalk? my fellow bloggers sure did! But I was just too camera shy that I felt that I was shaking the time that the camera was rolling hahaha. Best pose will win goodies from Stratworks. Congratulations Edelweiss!!


After having so much fun with the event and the food and ofcourse the prizes, Greenwich gave us all giftpacks to go home with.


Here are the Fashion & Beauty Bloggers who attended the event:

Thanks to Lace for organizing this fun event and also to the sponsors, Greenwich, Stratworks, Ipanema & Tough Jeans. Thanks also to QTV for covering the event. This is one of the memorable experience definitely for me.

More pictures here.

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