Lutong Macau


Lutong Macau
116 Jupiter St., Bel-Air III Village, Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 896-7777


This lunch was arranged because our teammate, Sean, is leaving the company

Aside from the good company, we experienced good food! How I love Lutong Macau’s dishes, the only thing that is setting me back is the price of their food… I do remember though that I used to eat a lot at their branch in Powerplant branch hehe.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Eggplant Taosi (Php 88)

Unique dimsum… this is just eggplant in taosi sauce. Cooked just right.

  • Chicken Feet (Php 88)

  • Beancurd Roll (Php 88)

I love this… I actually don’t understand how this is made but anyhow, this is delicious.. I’ll order this again when I go back.

  • Lemonade (Php 70)

This is the BEST lemonade ever!!!!!!!!! I don’t know any other restaurant here in Manila that serve it sooooooooooooooo delicious like Lutong Macau do. You will really miss a lot if you don’t try this.

  • Special Fried Rice (Php 600)

  • Steamed Fish w/ Taosi (Php 650)

I noticed that we ordered a lot of dishes in Taosi sauce hahahaha.

  • Beef w/ Broccoli (Php 650)

  • Lemon Chicken (Php 650)

This is kinda weird but I’m pleasantly surprised! Don’t know about my colleagues though. I’m a lover of chicken skins and this dish felt like it is just pure chicken skins… Though I don’t think it is…. maybe they are just sliced so thin and fried till they are crisp and crunchy. I love love love love love love love this!

Overall, I still think I’ll keep coming back here because I love the food!! uhhh.. I’m hungry!!!

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2 observations on “Lutong Macau
  1. HF

    Great post!Macau is such a wonderful place for food lovers. Like they say in Portuguese, “não há outra mais leal” (there is no other more loyal).Helder Fraguas


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