A. Venue Hotel Suites


The A. Venue Hotel Suites

Antel Lifestyle City, 7829 Makati Avenue, Makati City 
(02) 403 0865, (02) 403 0888

I have this weird thing that I like to try out different hotels and stay there for 1 night alone. Just to experience it and it’s my way of pampering & rewarding myself.

During holy week, I checked in at A. Venue Hotel Suites. Since it’s a new hotel, I’m pretty sure that all facilities are new and excellent. I was also a bit excited because it was written in their website that internet is available at all rooms.

the 1st thing that I noticed is their great service, I was pleasantly surprised how courteous their staff are. Based on previous experience with other hotels, I have this impression that they are not so courteous with local people but especially courteous with foreigners. I dont feel this with A. Venue Hotel Suites. And plus points for that one, it’s pretty important that there is no discrimination

When I entered the 1-bedroom suite, I was like “WOW”. It was well decorated.

You’ll see the kitchen on the left side & dining table on the right side. I also like the combination of the colors and the lighting. The kitchen is not well equipped but I’ll take note next time that if I want to cook there of something, I’ll have to bring the materials.


In the middle area, there’s a desk where you can work, write, etc.


Next is the living room area, there’s a TV there with DVD player. It also has very comfortable sofa & chair. View is superb as well as you can see the whole Makati area.


Now, we go to the bedroom… the bed is soooo comfortable to sleep in. I think I started sleeping at around 9PM and woke up at 6AM. Sooooo relaxing. I can also watch TV there.


Lastly, the washroom! It is my first time to see a small bathtub where we can sit! ahahhaha I was like surpised! Coz I realized that it’s pretty dangerous for me to stand up for shower, so I can only sit in the bath tub then take my bath hahaha. It’s a new experience and it’s cool!


One thing I’m very disappointed about is that… their internet is NOT free! They did not put that in their site so I went there believing that I’ll be able to surf the net. Here are their internet rates for information:

  • Php240 (60 minutes)
  • Php480 (4 hours)
  • Php980 (16 hours)

Aside from hotel stay & free breakfast for 2, we can also use their infinity pool & gym! Their infinity pool is sooo nice. I wasn’t able to try any of those 2 because I wanted to leave early so I can surf the net at home. I just had my good night sleep at the hotel room and a good breakfast at their cafe hehehe.


Their published rates for the 1-bedroom suite is Php6500. I was able to get it at Php3200ish. My secret? Go online and book. I booked mine at Asiatravel.com. I discovered that sometimes it’s much expensive if you go straight to the hotel to book & reserve. So lessons learned, I’ll be smarter next time

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  1. Sean

    Ah. We should trade notes; I dropped by Crowne Plaza during my leave, which was a counterpart to my Holiday Inn Galleria Suites stay some years back.


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