A 4D Summer Bloggers’ Day at EK

It has been a jampacked day last sunday for us bloggers, we went to Enchanted Kingdom to experience the best of the best from the only world-class theme park in the Philippines.

We were asked to go to Hotel Intercon Open Parking at 10AM to meet since we’re going to take the “Pasyal Tour” Package. This package includes an EK Day pass and a round trip point-to-point shuttle service.


The shuttle service provider is International Travel Exchange (ITEX), exclusive partner of EK. They would take us from Hotel Intercon to EK and when the time that we want to go home, they would take us back to Hotel Intercon. If you are interested in their rates, here they are:

  • Tour Package Rate (inclusive of EK day pass & roundtrip shuttle)
    • Pasyal Pinoy – Weekdays (Php680), Weekend (Php765)
    • Buy 4 Get 1 Free @ normal rate – Weekday (Php800), Weekend (Php900)
  • Shuttle Fare (departure from/to SM Intercon Open Parking, Makati City)
    • Normal Rate – Oneway (Php200), Roundtrip (Php400)
    • All Year Round Promo Rate – Oneway (Php180), Roundtrip (Php360)

Upon arrival, we were greeted by an EK representative and shared with us our schedule for the day… We would experience the 4D adventure, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” … wow promise from all the 3D/4D offerings by EK, this one I most loved.

journey 3519421371_79b6d499ff

Just to be clear, this presentation is not included in the EK day pass, we will have to pay extra Php60 (day pass holders) & Php100 (carousel special holders). I think it is worth it. We can really feel like we’re there.. technology really is fast… We can almost feel the slimy thing from the monster is pouring on our bodies hahahaha! At the end of the presentation, we can choose to purchase the picture.

Next in line is our LUNCH! EK treated us with their fried chicken with gravy, rice, ice cream & drink… yummy… look at this:


While we were having lunch, EK showed us some videos/presentations on the different EK offerings. One of them is MAGICALYMPICS which we experienced and enjoyed sooooo much (see my post here).

After the great magicalympics, we were given enough time to go to wherever we want.. We decided to just ride “Raging rapids” over and over. I remember we rode that thrice! Right after, we rode flying fiesta and lastly, rode the mini roller coaster twice. So cool! I love the experience especially because I love the company of my fellow bloggers, they are soooooooooo cool to be with!!


Wizard money was also given to us (Php200 each) and we used that to buy our dinner… I had mine at the hotdog stand hhehehe… but before we went for dinner, we watched the special presentation “Enchanté Summer Special: An Under the Sea Experience” (see my post here)


Last, but not the least…. we watched the fireworks!!! I love fireworks, I don’t know, I just feel that watching it is soooooo romantic (though i’m loveless hehehe) but it’s really such a treat to be able to watch fireworks. I took some videos:

So that ends our memorable EK day…. but ofcourse, I was contemplating the whole day if I should already get the EK pillow… I’ve been wanting that for what? 6 years? ahhahaha It is just too expensive (Php400) in my opinion so I didn’t get it…. but last sunday, I wasn’t able to control myself.. I bought it and I’m happy! hehehhe.


Thanks again Enchanted Kingdom for this wonderful and memorable experience. I hope others could enjoy it as much as we did. Till next time!

More pictures here.

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8 observations on “A 4D Summer Bloggers’ Day at EK
  1. marjonelle

    Now I know why picture addict ka.. hehehe… nice site. And let me tell you this…. Grabe! you look a lot younger than u’re age 😀

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Maricel

    looks like a fun day in EK! it's always a great experience when you're with friends… :)by the way, I'm building my blog roll and hoping for a link exchange. care for an exchange links?


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