Magicalympics at Enchanted Kingdom


The highlight of our EK trip is the Magicalympics!
This is an offering by Enchanted Kingdom for corporate teambuilding events.

We were given this rare opportunity to take part of this as a blogger, we were a group of 50 who attended the event. We were divided into 5 groups (see picture above-those were our group leaders) – green, yellow, orange, purple & blue teams. I’m part of the purple team (love them!).

You can see in which team the members belong through the color of the bandanas (handkerchiefs), here are the teams:


The game has 10 pitstops just like amazing race but the thing here is… we were able to enjoy the theme park’s facilities while playing the game. It’s really cool promise! I just hope our company would choose this as one of the company events coz it’s really fun! Believe me!

All teams started on a different pitstop. Here is just the series of events our team (purple team) experienced, enjoyed, loved! Thanks Enchanted Kingdom!

  • Rialto Studio (Lego The Racers, the Ride). After we finish this, we’ll have to correctly answer 6 out of 9 questions or else, we’ll have to face time penalties. Our team was only able to answer 5 out of 9, so we kinda failed on this leg.

  • Anchors away is the next. I really always had this fear of riding Anchors away because I tend to tremble whenever I do. But since we need members to ride this in order to win, I decided to do it for our team’s sake. This is really fun! 3 of us needs to ride on the farthest side of the ship holding tomatoes (real ones!) while the other 3 rides on the other side holding nets to catch the tomatoes. There were about 25 tomatoes and we have to at least catch 15 of them. hehehee We were only able to catch 6 tomatoes, so got another penalty on this one.. but this was really FUN!!
  • Next stop: Bump cars! Wow… the game goes wherein we’ll need to get all 5 flags via relay.. so the 1st car will get the flag then there are also blockers (ride attendants) who will try to stop us from getting the flags… we’ll need to complete this in 2-5minutes. This time, our team got this right! We got time bonus on this one!
  • Wheel of Fate. In here we’ll have to answer 10 questions (landmarks that we can see when we’re riding it)… so we’ll have to pay attention on all the places that we can see during the ride… we’ll have to be able to answer 15 out of the 20 questions. We got a perfect score on this!
  • Next is the puzzle game. but before we can solve the puzzle, we will need to ride flying fiesta first. Flying fiesta is my favorite ride in EK. I don’t know, I just feel so relaxed whenever I ride it hhehe.


  • We went to the arcade next…. guess what we need to do? SING!!! We sung our hearts out with the song, Gold! The goal is to reach at least 98 and we got 99! wohoo!
  • Grand Carousel is next… we were given pictures of the horses that we’ll need to ride into. The challenge is…. there are still other guests in the park, so if ever someone else got into the horse that we were assigned to, we also need to use our communication skills ehhehe. We got this challenge right too as well.
  • Raging Rapids but we were not asked to ride it but we were asked to divide into 2 groups and have to do “guess the movie” game. We got this round as well… the 2 movies were “Fast & Furious 4” and “Star Trek”
  • This one is another favorite, we were asked to ride the Log Jam ride wearing a headband with a paper cup full of water with it… so we have to strategize on how we will prevent water from pouring out of the cup at the same time conquer the fear of the ride itself. We got this too! hahahaha. There’s a trick but I won’t tell you
  • On the final round, we’ll have to use our things to form a very looonng line. Some of us including me even removed our belts just to be able to form a longer line. We got this too! bonus points!

We finished first but incurred too much penalty that the 2nd team won 1st place. As 2nd placers, we won T-Shirts. Winning is just a bonus here coz it’s the experience that really counts. This experience is memorable… I had the greatest time!!!

If you want to inquire about Magicalympics, you can contact Myla Miranda-Cammayo at mylacammayo@gmail.com or call Enchanted Kingdom at (02) 830-2111 to 16. I tell you, this is definitely worth it, truly enjoyable.. truly memorable.

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