The Best "Out-Of-Office" E-Mail Auto-Replies

I used to ignore forwarded emails & messages but recently, I have this renewed interest regarding those. Seems that most of the items are interesting to note and remember. Some are also very entertaining and can make you smile for the day. Just like the one I’m sharing in this blog post. Usually when we […]

David Cook & David Archuleta Live in Manila

I had the privilege to watch the Davids concert last May 16 (Thanks Az for the ticket). I was able to watch the season where both Davids are competing in American Idol. David Cook was my favorite that time and was rooting for him. I was very happy that he won The way they are […]

Angels & Demons Movie Review

When I watch movies, I really dont try to analyze it so much. I just sit, relax and watch. I never read the book and I don’t plan to read it in the future. I would like to thank TV5 for the opportunity to watch this movie at their special screening. I’m sorry that this […]