Top of the Citi by Le Souffle

Top of the Citi by Le Souffle 34/F Citibank Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City (02) 750-5810 ——————– I’ve been living in this world for x # of years (hehehe!) but honestly, I’ve rarely been to places that has a romantic setting. Last night, I had the opportunity to experience that. I remember my friends […]

It’s Alive Movie Review

If you’re filipino, do you remember the movie “Tiyanak”? It’s a 1988 movie starring Janice De Belen w/ the famous line “Anak ni Janice” hehehe It’s Alive is the American version of “Tiyanak”. It is a story about a couple’s baby that turns out to be a monster who kills when frightened. This is a […]

Threading at David’s Salon

I always have this problem that I do not know how to maintain my eyebrows hehehe. That is why I opted to spend around Php200-250 every month for a salon service for it. There are lots of ways to maintain our eyebrows: plucking threading shaving waxing I’m not fond of shaving, it just makes me […]

WoW Addict Solid Reaction When His Mom Deleted His Account

I’m just glad I decided to quit before someone else deletes my account hehehe Thanks Jo for sharing, this is hilarious! But I pity the kid.

Good Buy at Celine

Last friday, we went to Gateway to catch the press screening of The Orphan. While we wait for the meeting time, we shopped for a short while. I entered my usual favorite shops and when I entered Celine, I found this Buy 2 at Php399 Sale. While I try to find something that I will […]

Iron Man Movie Review

I borrowed the DVD of Iron Man , it was sad that I wasn’t able to catch this on the big screen. After watching it today, I realized that I really missed on it, big time, wishing i did catch it before huhuhuhuhuhu :’( Robert Downey Jr. stars as Iron Man, a BIG BIG welcome […]

Ultra 7 Cinema at Eastwood Mall

During the weekend when Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince was showing, we failed to get seats in Ultra 7 Cinema so we have to wait for Monday in order to watch it there. I was really soo excited to try out this cinema as it is the 1st cinema that has twin-recliner seats! […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I watched Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince twice. Once in Powerplant and the 2nd one in Ultra 7 Cinema. The 1st time that I watched it, I ended up sleeping 15mins into the movie & I only woke up like after an hour and a half. We ended up going home early coz I […]

Orphan Movie Review

Last night, Warner Bros. Pictures invited some bloggers to watch the press screening of Orphan. Thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for this opportunity, Orphan is definitely one of the BEST suspense movies I’ve ever seen. The movie is about a couple (Kate & John) who was devastated for the loss of their unborn child. To […]

How to Create a Read More Link to Your Blog Posts in Blogger

I’ve always wondered how I can organize my posts better in my blog as blogger doesn’t have the “read more” feature. Luckily, there is a solution & lots of tutorials that can be found on the net. I stumbled upon & followed the steps there. Here are what I did to make it work: […]