Good Buy at Celine

Last friday, we went to Gateway to catch the press screening of The Orphan. While we wait for the meeting time, we shopped for a short while. I entered my usual favorite shops and when I entered Celine, I found this Buy 2 at Php399 Sale. While I try to find something that I will like, I was suprised to see that the items that are for sale are their belts & sunglasses. If we buy any 2 items from those, we just need to pay Php 399! Such a bargain!


Here’s what I bought:
The belt is colored purple with a big butterfly at the center. I cant think of any clothes that will fit it yet but I bought it just in case I’ll need it. For Php200, such a good buy. Who wouldn’t want to buy it right?
The sunglasses is just… something that I’ve been wanting but never dared. But when I saw that it is on sale. I grabbed the chance.. I super love it!!!! I believe original price was around Php500-700 so buying it for Php200 is like WoW! 🙂
I don’t know how long the sale will be. But I’m happy I was able to discover it 🙂

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3 observations on “Good Buy at Celine
  1. Anonymous

    I hope you took a picture of the sunglasses while wearing it. I bet you look good wearing it. =)


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