Iron Man Movie Review

I borrowed the DVD of Iron Man , it was sad that I wasn’t able to catch this on the big screen. After watching it today, I realized that I really missed on it, big time, wishing i did catch it before huhuhuhuhuhu :'(
Robert Downey Jr. stars as Iron Man, a BIG BIG welcome back movie for him! He’s super hot in the movie and looked so macho and strong hehehhe ๐Ÿ˜› The role fits him very well. I also loved Terence Howard’s character & Jeff Bridges was soooo good as a villain (I didn’t actually recognize him until the end credits).
Iron Man is Tony Stark, CEO at Stark Industries, a company that builds & supplies weapons. When Tony flies to Afghanistan to present the new weapon Stark Industries made, he was kidnapped by the group, Ten Rings. The group wanted Tony to build a missile for them.
Instead of building the missile, he used 3 months of his captivity building a powered exoskeleton and became a technologically advanced superhero. Eventually, Tony found out that it was Obadiah (Jeff’s character) who ordered for Ten Rings to click Tony.
The story revolved there.. with Obadiah building his own suit as well based on Tony’s design and 2 men in iron suits fighting towards the end.. guess who won? ๐Ÿ™‚
I can’t wait for the sequel of Iron Man. Heard it’s going to be shown on May 2010 with Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow reprising their characters.

My Rating for Iron Man: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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2 observations on “Iron Man Movie Review
  1. benison

    yup, i'm waiting for the sequel.. super ganda for sure sa big screen, wait for me ha, sabay tayo mag watch ng part 2


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