Ultra 7 Cinema at Eastwood Mall

During the weekend when Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince was showing, we failed to get seats in Ultra 7 Cinema so we have to wait for Monday in order to watch it there.
I was really soo excited to try out this cinema as it is the 1st cinema that has twin-recliner seats! So cool!!! As we approach the entrance, we can already see how beautifully designed it is. The lounge has this futuristic design with green neon lights. Patrons can relax there while waiting for the movie to start. It also has chargers available for your phone.
Ultra 7 can carry around 60 people. The seats are so comfortable that you want to lean back as far as you can and put your feet up and enjoy the movie. Unlimited popcorn (cheese, BBQ, plain), bottled water & canned sodas are available during the duration of the movie. If you want more, you just need to raise your hand and someone would assist you.
The washroom is also impressive. It’s very well-maintained, clean, complete with amenities, well-lighted. I had to go there at the middle of the movie coz I ended up eating 2 buckets of popcorn & 2 canned sodas hehehehe :P
Overall a very nice experience. It’s just sad that they removed the Php350 promo. Now each ticket is sold at Php400. I’ll definitely go back once another long movie comes out. :)

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01074899258212643697 Rowena Wendy Lei

    …preferably a 3-hour epic film hehehe.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11114169156055614590 Bubbles

    Bonga hehe

  • http://jimcaro.wordpress.com/ jimcaro

    wow sumasabay na mga sinehan sa Pinas, I used to believe na mas magaganda sinehan sa Bangkok but with the proliferation ng big cinemas sa atin, I think sumasabay na tayo. sa presyo, ayos pa rin, kung tutuusin ay mas mura kumpara sa Thailand. THB500 kasi yung ganito klase na 'comfort'. :D

  • Anonymous

    Eastwood Ultra 7 is the best! I love watching there, I just have to raise my hand to get a refill of my popcorn and soda!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14741151476771140212 *mrsMartinez*

    buti naka take ka ng pic inside the cinema. in greenbelt, security confiscated my camera. i was not even using it.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16818056799613997299 rochellesychua

    yeah sa ultra 7, we can take pictures inside.I think they allow it coz we are actually helping the market the theater. Well, ofcourse we cannot take any while the movie is running :)

  • Benison

    wow!, ill try that ultra7 with you someday, may i? :)

  • Benison

    nice seats , veryh relaxing. :)

  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    indeed! :)