Win a Slendance DVD & 1 box of Slenda! Join now! :)

As promised (see related post), HeaRty’s Haven is giving away Slendance DVD and 1 box of Slenda to 5 lucky readers!!! I’m going to start taking Slenda tomorrow.  In line with that, I’m launching the Slenda giveaway so we can all start living a healthier life! Slenda is a supplement product that you can take […]

HKO: Alba & Her Journey to Level 15

I posted an entry a week ago regarding Hello Kitty Online.  I just registered that day & the week after, my character now reaches level 15!  Wohoo! Meet Alba, my HKO character. She’s currently a week old.  Born last August 24, 2009 and has blood type AB.  She’s very jolly and hardworking.Throughout the week, she […]

Chef Robert

Chef Robert847 Banawe corner Linao Street, Quezon City ——————–Had lunch today with friends at Chef Robert Banawe.  I was the one who decided on the place, wanted to try it out since it’s newly opened. The first thing I noticed is the big teddy bear on display and also the sign that it has free […]

Link From Blog

I stumbled upon this site from a friend’s website.  When I tried to register, it says that I need to post about the site in order for it to be activated. So here I am posting about it though I really don’t have any idea how it works or if it really works. Here are […]

Globe Tattoo I Dare You Event

A lot of bloggers attended this event yesterday.  When we received the email, we didn’t have any idea what will happen.  All we know was that we need to dress nicely and be prepared for a surprise.  I was pretty sure they’ll launch a new product from Globe. First, off I’ll share what transpired from […]

Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Causeway Seafood Restaurant883 Banawe corner Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City(02) 410-8690 ——————–We’ve been having our toastmasters meeting at Causeway Banawe.  Last night, I realized that I haven’t blogged about it!  So I took note of all of our orders and remembered my experience with the food. Let me share them with you. The restaurant’s serving […]

Toastmasters Meeting in Mandarin Language

I attended the Mandarin version of the Toastmasters meeting last night.  If you remember my post last time, I made a promise that I’ll be attending the meetings often.  Unfortunately, I have global meetings scheduled every wednesdays that end 10PM, so I’ll have to beg off wednesday meetings. I’ll probably move from Emperor Toastmasters to […]

Slenda Commercial Shoot & Slenda

I was invited to watch the Slenda new commercial shoot last saturday.  It was my 1st time to watch a commercial shoot and found out that it is indeed tiring.  Imagine the model has to repeat the lines for hours (literally!), never thought that being a model is that hard, I initially thought that it’s […]

BPI-Italianni’s Shop Anywhere Promo

Went to Italianni’s for lunch for 2 consecutive days courtesy of my BPI receipts worth Php3k or more I really really love BPI promos, I think nothing beats it!  I’m so glad I have chosen BPI Gold as my credit card. This particular promo is open exclusively for BPI Gold Mastercard holders.  You just have […]

Get a Post-It OC Sampler Pack for Free

Wanna get this for free?   You definitely can! All you have to do is to go to this link, register at the Post-It website & indicate which National Bookstore branch you like to pick up your free OC pack.  No purchase required, totally free! Take note, this is till September 30, 2009 only. I picked it up this afternoon at NBS Trinoma branch.  (Was able to shop as well hehe!) It includes a Post-It Pop-Up Notes in Paper Dispenser & an OC guide. The OC guide is actually quite interesting.  Let me […]