Causeway Seafood Restaurant


Causeway Seafood Restaurant
883 Banawe corner Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 410-8690

We’ve been having our toastmasters meeting at Causeway Banawe.  Last night, I realized that I haven’t blogged about it!  So I took note of all of our orders and remembered my experience with the food.

Let me share them with you.

The restaurant’s serving is good for 3 person or more.  So if you’re just going to order for yourself, you’ll have a hard time as you only have a few choices… I remember when I try to order, my only choices were:

  • Congee
  • Noodle Soup
  • Rice Topping (3 types only)
Since I’m a rice person, I can only have the spareribs & rice, chicken feet & rice, sparerib w/ chicken feet & rice. ahhaha see?  I can even remember them!
Here are what we ordered last night:
  • Beef Hofan (S-Php 200, M-Php 300, L-Php 400)

I love this dish very much.  I shared this with a friend but I think I ate about 3/4 of it hehehe :P  Very tasty, lots of beef, very tender, yummy but a lil oily.

  • Lapu Lapu Congee (Php 110)

Just the normal fish congee that we have in chinese restaurants.  best to put calamansi in it to make it tastier and more yummier :)

  • Dimsum (after 9PM, 30% off & will be priced at Php 43)
We waited till 9PM before we order the dimsum, this is because they have 30% off on all dimsum after that time.  I was still very hungry and I felt the dimsum is just cheap so it’s okay to order many :)

The Chicken Asado Roll sucked big time!  The asado was raw &a I didn’t dare eat my share.  I told this to the waiter but they didn’t do anything about it so that kinda disappointed me more.  Anyhow, good thing it stopped my craving for more food so that was the sign that I have to stop eating already :P:P

The seafood roll was delicious though, you should order that when you go to Causeway :)

Here are the dimsum we ordered:

Seafood Roll (Php 65)


Chicken Asado Roll (Php 65)


Pan-Fried Radish Cake (Php 60)


Asado Pao (Php 65)


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  • Jo

    wow!! looks good and affordable, meron ba sa Makati to? I miss Chinese food na hindi lutong macau hahaha ;)

  • *mrsMartinez*

    it seems that we both been to Causeway on the same day. I was there for lunch lol

  • rochellesychua

    Jo, I don't think there is in Makati… not sure though :)Mrs. Martinez, sayang!!! Hopefully, we'll be able to see each other next time! Long time :)

  • u8mypinkcookies

    we order their hofan and dimsum always!! love the hakaw! :)

  • Roch

    their hofan is yummyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D:D

  • bubu

     Theres one in libis