Digital Perm at Tony & Jackey

I just had my haircut last month at Toni & Guy, but here I am again getting another make-over :P
This time I wanted my hair permed. I guess I really followed what my stylist told me. That the haircut that he has done for me is best suited if it’s permed. So there..

I went to Tony & Jackey coz I know they are the best when it comes to digital perm. They have a promo now. For only Php 3,000, you’ll get the ff.:
  • Digital Perm, any length (Korean Medicine)
  • Hair Manicure
  • Hair Treatment
  • Haircut
Cheap right?
Top (a Korean Stylist) was the only one available at around 6:30PM. So I opted for him to be my stylist :P He was a bit hesitant to do my curls. He said my hair is just too thin and it might not hold the curls.
He was asking me to use the herbal medicine instead which will cost me Php 8,000!! I said no! my budget for the curls is only Php 3,000. So I’m okay with the normal Korean medicine. I don’t know why but he really insisted. So as a compromise, he let me use L’oreal but I won’t be getting the hair manicure (w/c is perfectly fine for me).
I think Tony & Jackey was the first salon to offer the digital perm services. They use this machine for their perm.
The overall process took around 3 hours. It was all worth it.
This is me with Top.
He also permed my bangs but I’m worried that it might be gone after a short while, I hope not. :)
More pictures here.
Tony & Jackey Salon
CTTM Square, Tomas Morato corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 407-6928

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  • Rowena Wendy Lei

    Waah scary-looking contraption…

  • Badet

    Cool machine =)

  • Anonymous

    ayos yung machine ah, i suddenly remembered frankenstein hahahaha

  • mrsmartinezravesandrants

    magaling sa tony and jackey i had mine permed twice na and both results are ok

  • Lipstickaddict

    had to agree with Rowena, scary looking! Glad you loved your perm :)

  • rochellesychua

    hahahaha when I took the picture, I got scared myself… I thought of Zuma (remember that?) the snake queen? her hair full of small snakes? :P

  • Tracy

    Roch! Your perm looks great! :)How's your hair now? Ngayon I want to get my hair curled na! Tracy :)

  • rochellesychua

    losing the curls na hehehehe :P pero still loving it! :D

  • katkat

    When did you have your digital perm and when does it lose it curls? :)

  • rochellesychua

    August 15 :) I think in about 3month you'll lose it.. pero it will still be wavy :)

  • katkatmarie

    aww. :) what if nagparebond ka, is it okay na magpa digital perm ka?

  • katkatmarie

    aww. :) what if nagparebond ka, is it okay na magpa digital perm ka?

  • rochellesychua

    hi Katkat,Yes you can! but there should be at least 6 months interval :)

  • rochellesychua

    hi Katkat,

    Yes you can! but there should be at least 6 months interval :)

  • katkatmarie

    aww. :) thanks much. :*

  • katkatmarie

    aww. :) thanks much. :*

  • rochellesychua

    anytime :)

  • rochellesychua

    anytime :)

  • benison

    nice, you look like a Korean star na. :)

  • Roch

    do I? hahaa Thanks thanks! :)

  • benison

    yup, you do. :) like like. :)

  • jen

    hi roch i love your blog site i learned a lot from you my friend :)

    anyway regarding digiperm isn't it addictive right? i have mine done 3x already. first at menage salon using schartzkoff( forgot the spelling!) costed me around 10k (duhhh!! i was just crazy and burdened by heart problem that time) but the makeover was good. second at azta around 4k using loreal but the result not good maybe my hair is damaged already…actually i went first to tony and jaky taht time but the korean refused to do it since there are traces of relaxed chemical on my hair daw. i could have listened to him pala. this time i went to tony an jacky 2 days ago and they charged me 3,300 haircut and didgiperm lang (kainis mas maganda promo ng sa'yo :) he used loreal and ok naman result. for all 3 experience ang nagamit ko yun ceramic rods di ko pa natry yun setting machine like is intended for long hair daw kasi like yourS. just wondering if it is very heavy and hot din ba hihihihi. haba ng comment ko. naexcite kasi ako sa digiperm experience :)

  • Roch

    Thanks Jen! :)

    hahaaha heavy? uhmmm yeah a lil, hot? no I didnt feel it that time :)

    I love my perm! Super galing talga ng Tony & Jackey :)

  • lhene

    hi just want to ask kung my branch sila somewhere in alabang?? and how much pag haircut lang ksi it seems na you really trusted them im really looking for a salon na magiging happy aq ksi i just had my haircut last week pero di aq happy sobra na babadtrip aq evrytime im looking at the mirror…even pag gising q in the morning waaaahhh!! its really a disaster…i hope they can help me(hehehe prng bata noh nag sumbong)

  • Roch

    I'm not sure if they have coz I live in the north side :) they have a website, just search for tony and jackey in google. The branches that I know of are QC, Makati, Manila (I'm quite sure I heard that they have a branch in alabang)

    I would recommend tony and jackey for curls and rebonds … for haircuts, I would suggest tony and guy… it's a bit expensive but worth it.. here's my post regarding tony and guy:

  • Mei_jing09

    Hi! I was just wondering how long your digi perm lasted. I had mine at Bench Fix but it barely lasted a month. So sad. I’m thinking of trying Tony and Jackey next time so I hope you could help me out =)

  • Roch

    it lasted long…. like about a year :) seriously! :) You’ll love it :)

    It will only make sense if you have long hair, don’t curl your hair when it’s still short :)

  • Jermi_kilo

    is the promo still ok now the 3k something na promo? after you go to bath what do you do to make it good? brushing is not advisable ba

  • jhessli

    hi Im just wondering if tony and jakie still have its promo for 3k- 4k with any length? coz i went to a salon near me and they told me that it’ll will cost for me for about 10k!! and yet they’re not that popular in dg perm and kinda worried if they’ll do it correctly…and im seriously looking for a salon that doesnt offer pricey dg perms but good results :) can u help me po? thanks!!

  • Roch

    You can contact Tony & jacket and check with them. The number is in the post :)

  • Adriennejouierequiel

    hi :)  i just wanna know if you’re doin anything to maintain your curl?? mahirap ba panindigan ang permed hair?? :) i mean , kelangan pa ba syang applyan ng cream or something every now and then??  thanks po 

  • Roch

    I put the setting cream after every bath… Tony & Jackey sells them pero medyo mahal… mga Php 1500

  • Nicole_javillo24

    hello :) nagccurl po ba kayo kht galing sa rebond ung hair? how much? :)

  • chet_asda

    gaano ka haba po ung hair nila?

  • spoiled princess

    would digital perm be applicable with shoulder length hair (its longer than shoulder length)?

  • Myztie_cez

    pde bang magpadidgiperm ang pregnant ?

  • Jonalynlibiran

    how much po magpadigital perm?

  • Mya_padie

    no. anything na hair treatment di po pwede

  • Jhazmin_01

    had my digital perm yesterday at tony and jacky, my hair result a little bit dry sa last part of hair but is tolerable, i didnt get the result of the wave a want it to be, but the curl is cute.just to give info pra sa magpapa digital perm, almost same lng sila ng cold perm, only the process ang iba, the waves are same, the stylist told me na hindi tutuo yung mga pictures na nakikita mo sa google when you search digital perm. hope this perm last coz its too expensive i paid 5k. the funny part is the stylist nag aanatay at the door for the tip.. 
    in total score for me 5k for digital perm is xoxo, for those people na talagang pinag iipunan ang digital perm i think ma di disapoint lng kyo, 

    this is only my experience and i dont know if all is same experience like me.. 

  • Gemgem

     oh! i feel disappinted…i have a plan pa nmn to do digital perm in my hair next month! huhuhuhu

  • Guest

    hi, do you think perm-ing a little longer than shoulder-length hair would be a good idea? =) just wondering. thanks!

  • Dillmockingbird

    Hi, I like the curls. i noticed yours is different like, it is not too dramatic but as if wavy and curly. AND I LIKE THAT. Is that the same as digital perm? Because I saw so many pictures and the curls look soooo tight but yours is not! i love it because it looks natural! 

  • Guest

    Im selling my voucher that I got for Tony and Jackey, not because that I don’t want it but I feel that my hair is not that long for the digital perm. The voucher is at 3k. Anyone interested may call me at 09178236285