Globe Tattoo I Dare You Event


A lot of bloggers attended this event yesterday.  When we received the email, we didn’t have any idea what will happen.  All we know was that we need to dress nicely and be prepared for a surprise.  I was pretty sure they’ll launch a new product from Globe.

First, off I’ll share what transpired from 1-5PM, August 29, 2009.

  • 1PM – Bloggers meet at Museum Cafe at Greenbelt 4.  Snacks & Iced Tea were served.
  • 2:15PM – We were asked to prepare to leave, no destination place was named.  2 bloggers can ride a harley to the event, the rest of us rode the van to wherever 😛
  • 2:30PM – Arrived at Handlebar!  Band was playing, we were served buffet, we can play billiards! They also invited Up Dharma Down to play for us.


  • 3:00PM – Globe people shared with us their new product…….. Globe Tattoo!  A blogger also gets a chance to get a REAL tattoo and win a netbook.  I didn’t join, I don’t have plans of having a tattoo anywhere in my body 😛  More information about the new product/offerings later.
  • 5:00PM – We got a ride back to Museum Cafe, event ended.

So why did they put up an event like this?  To introduce Globe’s newest offering… Globe Tattoo with a tagline: New Hip. You.  SIMs just like you.

It is a SIM that is all in – take note, a single SIM that can make you do the ff.:

  • calls
  • text
  • internet
Everyone was given a Tattoo SIM to try out, unfortunately I was not one of them.  I just borrowed from one of the bloggers and took a picture of it.


It’s kinda cool that you can have one SIM for all needs because it used to be that we have one SIM to make calls & text and another SIM to access the internet.

Other things that Globe shared are:

I believe the pictures can speak for themselves.




Lastly, Globe Tattoo will have a cool new website which is widget-based and has everything in it.  This reminds me of Sandbox from Smart.. I’m a Globe subscriber & don’t have plans on switching since I love my iPhone.  You can take your pick, I’m sticking with Globe.


More photos from the event here.


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18 observations on “Globe Tattoo I Dare You Event
  1. Pao Peña

    Hi Roch, thanks for attending the blogger launch. :) Hope to see you again soon!@Rowena, Globe Tattoo is basically now the prepaid brand. It started as USB stick that allows you to surf the internet on the go. Now we've converged mobile and internet with one SIM that you can use for both internet and mobile purposes. :-)

  2. Jo

    first time to hear about Globe Tattoo :) thought you had tattoo done on you!!! haha :) I wish you could have ride in the Harley!! haha I want I want!! asteeg naman nito :) – Jo

  3. ehya

    What?Immortaltxt?load will not expire?only costing 11 pesos?damn! i’ll try this Immortaltxt! thanks for the info!

  4. ehya

    What?Immortaltxt?load will not expire?only costing 11 pesos?damn! i’ll try this Immortaltxt!
    thanks for the info!


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