Pillows at Me & U


While walking around the new Eastwood mall, saw this super cool shop called Me&U – Stuff for togetherness.

Located at the 3rd floor, it showcases things for couples. Every material has its partner. Things like mugs, pillows, lamps, shirts, etc.

I think it is the 1st in the Philippines. I haven’t seen a shop that specializes in couples stuff. Really cool, I was just browsing through their products for 30 minutes! hahaha

Anyway, can’t help it… I really like the pillows! So eventually bought them :P

So here they are:


  • Couple Pillow (Case only – Php 880)


  • matching Body Pillow (Php 1,480)


Using them now and I love it! hahahaha Especially the body pillow! I’ll surely have a smile on my face every time I sleep :P


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  • benison

    nice yung pillows :)

  • benison

    nice packaging, transparent clear case. i thought it was a makeup kit case. cute ng design.. guy throwing a flying love to a woman, hehe.

  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    yep using them :D:D

  • namie


  • Janettebagsic

    do you contact number of ME&U(at MEGA MALL)? tnx..

  • Shiori Itakura

    how much the body pilliowcase with pillow ?

  • Pogi

    magkano po yung ksama na yung pillow? =)