Slenda Commercial Shoot & Slenda

I was invited to watch the Slenda new commercial shoot last saturday.  It was my 1st time to watch a commercial shoot and found out that it is indeed tiring.  Imagine the model has to repeat the lines for hours (literally!), never thought that being a model is that hard, I initially thought that it’s the easiest profession of all.


Slenda has 2 new models in addition to Valerie Concepcion.  We have the privilege to meet them all but I can’t stay the whole day so I was only able to meet their new endorsers- Gloria Diaz & her daughter Isabelle Daza.

Gloria Diaz is just soo charming, she’s very welcoming, down to earth, easy to talk to, very smart and nice.  We talked about Slenda (ofcourse!), her stint at the Miss Universe Pageant, her daughters, life, etc. She’s still soooo pretty at her age, truly Miss Universe.  Was able to take pictures with her after the discussion.


We were also able to meet Isabelle but she’s in between shoot so we have to make it really short.  Rico took the time to interview her regarding her gadgets, she showed us her macbook, her canon camera & her phones.  She said she’ll be getting a blackberry storm soon.  Was also able to take picture with her.  She’s a beauty & according to her mom (Gloria Diaz), she’s a very conservative lady.


We’ve met the models but why are we all here?  What product are they advertising?  What product made them believe and endorse it?  I also discovered a great product that day…

It’s SLENDA ๐Ÿ™‚

Slenda is a supplement product that you can take 10 minutes before meals.  It promises to address overweight & obesity problems through the ingredients in the products which are:

  • Resveratol – help reduce & eliminate fat resulting in the reduction of excess body weight by blocking the accumulation of fat in the tissues.  known to possess anti-lipid, anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-cancer properties & more prominently, the lowering effect of what we commonly know as ‘bad’ cholesterol or LDL (low density lipoprotein).
  • EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) – flavonoid found in green tea that eliminates fat due to a lipase inhibitor which allows fat to be excreted in the stools.
  • Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) – contains sterols that reduce serum cholesterol & protect the body against infections by boosting the immune system.
  • Turmeric or Luyang Dilaw (curcuma longa linn) – helps reduce & break cholesterol in the body by efficient bile flow, thus also help prevent gallstone formation.
The discussion that day convinced me that I should try the product out and see myself.  They gave us 1 month worth of Slenda.  I’ll definitely plan to try this out, I’ll start taking September 1.  3 times a day before every major meal.

Aside from Slenda, we were also given DVDs of Slendance.  Remember what Valerie Concepcion was endorsing about?  Slendance is an easy to follow 30-minute work out that combines aerobic exercise, coordination, endurance & mental workout.

Let me show you a video of the Slendance Ad:

More pictures from the meet here.

HeaRty’s Haven will be giving away 1-month worth of Slenda & a DVD of Slendance to 5 lucky readers very soon.  Just always visit my site & I’ll provide details on how to join and win ๐Ÿ™‚


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3 observations on “Slenda Commercial Shoot & Slenda
  1. Jonas Diego

    Isabelle was a real trooper. Even after rehearsing and re-hashing her lines for like a gazillion times, she was still energetic in talking to us. ๐Ÿ˜€


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