Toastmasters Meeting in Mandarin Language

I attended the Mandarin version of the Toastmasters meeting last night.  If you remember my post last time, I made a promise that I’ll be attending the meetings often.  Unfortunately, I have global meetings scheduled every wednesdays that end 10PM, so I’ll have to beg off wednesday meetings.

I’ll probably move from Emperor Toastmasters to its sister club, Camanava Toastmasters.  This is because their meetings are scheduled every saturday mornings and the schedule is more doable for me.

The friday ones I will attend as schedule permits :)

I attended the mandarin-version for the 1st time.  And it’s really cool!  Would you believe we all tried our very best to speak mandarin all throughout the meeting.  It’s pretty hard for us especially we don’t get to use that language much in our everyday life.


The books/manuals are also in chinese!!!  It’s sad though that the book available during the meeting is written in Simplified chinese, I’m not really good at it and I can’t read most of the words.  I’m more comfortable with Traditional chinese, there is one available at Toastmasters though, our co-toastmaster just don’t have it during that time :)


The meeting yesterday was attended by 6 members.  It was a pretty intimate meeting so we didn’t get to use the stage anymore.  We talked while eating our dinner.  The first hour was used to introduce ourselves in chinese then we just chatted.

Later in the night, the others started talking about religion & history.  Those 2 topics are totally not my thing hehehehe so I ended up talking to the younger ones and we talked about photography and hobbies ;)

Here’s our picture from last night, more pictures here.


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  • fran

    galing!!! I took up mandarin for more than half my life and i'm still not that confident with it :-/

  • rochellesychua

    Fran wanna join us? We have our mandarin sessions every last friday of the month at causeway banawe :)

  • Photoblogger

    wow. I wish i had someone to practice mandarin with.. 在家里,大家不喜欢跟我练习

  • rochellesychua

    Sioti, I'll ask around if there are any more clubs that has this in the Philippines. But just in case, you're around QC, you should join us! :) Let me know.

  • Jo

    haha super cool!! mandarin class at work Roch!! this is nice :) galing mo :)

  • rochellesychua

    Jo, join us next session! :)