Help for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

As you all know, Philippines is hardly hit by the Storm Ondoy.  We all have our stories to tell on how we were affected but there are surely others who suffered (& is still suffering) more. Here is how you can help: Monetary via SMS: Philippine National Red Cross – Type RED to 4493 (Smart […]

肯德基 (KFC Taipei)

肯德基 (KFC Taipei)Taipei, Taiwanvia MRT – 南勢角 Nanshijiao ——————–There were 4 of us so we decided to order the 9pc chicken package. For 449NT, we get 4pcs sweet corn, 2 orders french fries, 9pcs chicken, choice of either a liter of green tea or soda. The big difference I’ve seen between KFC taipei and KFC […]

蔥花 (Shinyeh’ Table)

蔥花 (Shinyeh’ Table)台北市大安區忠孝東路4段201號2樓Taipei, Taiwan886 (2) 2778-8712 ——————–After such a tiring day, we decided to have dinner at 蔥花 (Shinyeh’ Table).  We were all a bit tired especially my mom so we didn’t stay long.  The food is nice though, service is cool too!  The server doesn’t speak english so my aunt’s friend ordered for all […]

Emergency Hotlines/Numbers for Storm Ondoy Help

image from   You’ll see how the storm ondoy covered almost the whole Philippines. It has been raining since last night, streets are flooded, many are stranded. The water even entered the 1st floor of our house.  That’s how strong Storm Ondoy was.  The rain stopped already, I do hope that it won’t rain that […]

台北捷運 (Taipei Rapid Transit System)

One thing that I love about Taiwan is their Taipei Rapid Transit System.  It’s just super impressive! If I live there, I probably won’t even think of buying a car since it’s so accessible (unless you want to go out after midnight). Taipei Rapid Transit System otherwise called as 台北捷運 (Taipei Metro) is a rapid […]

朱銘美術館 (Juming Museum)

朱銘美術館 (Juming Museum)20842 No. 2 She-Shi-Hu Chin-Shan Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.886 (2) 24989940 ——————–For 250NT, we’ll be able to see this 15-hectare place built to show the works of æœ±éŠ˜ (Juming), an international sculptor. 朱銘 (Juming) was trained as a woodcarver but later developed his skill and ventured into bronze, styrofoam, ceramics & stainless steel.  All we […]

信三肉圓 (Xin San Rou Yuan)

We had lunch here, tried out their rice meal and other stuff. I can’t recall their exact prices as I don’t know which one is which coz all are in chinese! lolz Still located at é‡‘包理老街 (Jin Bao Lane Street), we spent a short time eating all the stuff we ordered.  Called my auntie’s friend to […]

金包理老街 (Jin Bao Lane Street)

金包理老街 (Jin Bao Lane Street) is one of the famous spot in 金山 (Jinshan). It’s the oldest street in Town. My impression of the place is that there are just tooo many people, it’s a busy, busy, busy street.  You’d see a lot of goose there as it is Taiwan’s specialty and you’d see people […]

陽明山國家公園 (Yangmingshan National Park)

陽明山國家公園 Yangmingshan National Park1-20 Chu Tzu Hu Road, Taipei 112, Taiwan886 (2) 2861-5404 ——————– My mom rented a van that day in order for us to go to Yangmingshan National Park & Jinshan.  We went first to Yangmingshan National Park, 1st impression?  The place is huge!! We stopped over first at the 小油坑 (Siaoyukeng).  Located […]

The Chophouse

The ChophouseLevel 4, Trinoma Mall, EDSA, Quezon City(02) 916-6299 ——————–We had dinner at the Chophouse today.  Stef & I waited for Shar & Francis for 2 hours hahaha!  So we ordered appetizer & drinks first then spent the time talking about stuff I wasn’t impressed w/ the food so I don’t think I’ll go back. […]