The Chophouse


The Chophouse
Level 4, Trinoma Mall, EDSA, Quezon City
(02) 916-6299

We had dinner at the Chophouse today.  Stef & I waited for Shar & Francis for 2 hours hahaha!  So we ordered appetizer & drinks first then spent the time talking about stuff 🙂

I wasn’t impressed w/ the food so I don’t think I’ll go back.  The concept is nice though.  Maybe they could improve on their recipe.  It’s not bad don’t misunderstand, I just think it’s nothing special.  I think my expectation in food is getting higher & higher 😛

The service is great though.  🙂

Here are what we ordered:

  • Holy Cow Iced Tea (Php 85)

I liked that their iced tea is brewed and they didn’t use the powdered iced tea available in the grocery.  I just feel disappointed w/ other restaurants wherein they use those powdered iced tea, I mean what’s the point for us to go to a restaurant if we’ll just be able to drink processed juices 😛  Their iced tea is really good.  I loved this one!

  • Nachos (Php 265)

This is corn chips layered & covered w/ spiced beef, tomato salsa, cheese sauce & sour cream.  I’m not fond of olives & sour cream so I didn’t enjoy this much.  I bet for nacho lovers out there, you’ll enjoy this.  They have generous serving of the sauce.

  • Mushroom Cream Soup (Php 110)

  • US Beef Minute Steak (Php 420)

this comes with choice of sauce & side dish.  I was very disappointed in this dish as I expected this to be good as this is their specialty.  That made me decide not to come back though their other dishes are okay.

  • Fish & Chips (Php 295)

San Miguel Beer (ofcourse have to support our very own :P) battered fish fillet w/ french fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce.  This one’s okay.  Fried just right.

  • Coffee (Php 65)

It’s funny that I wasn’t impressed with their steaks (w/c are their specialty), I ended up liking their free bread more.


The bread is very fresh & super good!

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8 observations on “The Chophouse
  1. rochellesychua

    hahhhaaha I think all soups look that way… it's just how tasty it is that makes the difference 🙂

  2. rochellesychua

    hahhhaaha I think all soups look that way… it's just how tasty it is that makes the difference 🙂

  3. Manang

    That minute beef steak is one of the toughest and cheapest cuts of steaks (along with cubed steak), and was probably why it was disappointing . If you see other cuts, better to get filet mignon or tenderloin as they are the best and most tender (and most expensive, of course). Next cuts that are good are NY sirloin, T-bone, and rib-eye (if you are ok with some fat). Round eye is also quite tough, and is better as roast instead of steak.


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