信三肉圓 (Xin San Rou Yuan)

We had lunch here, tried out their rice meal and other stuff. I can’t recall their exact prices as I don’t know which one is which coz all are in chinese! lolz


Still located at é‡‘包理老街 (Jin Bao Lane Street), we spent a short time eating all the stuff we ordered.  Called my auntie’s friend to arrange for dinner.  And also watched a chinese series showing on the restaurant’s television.

Pretty cheap, range of prices for their food is 30-60NT.  If you want to know how much it is in peso.  The conversion rate so far is 1NT = 1.49 PHP.

Since I don’t really recall the prices & names of what we ordered, let me just share with you the menu pasted on their wall.  Maybe you can help figure it out for me haahaha!


Here are what we ordered:



This is actually the one pictures below, chopped and served in plate 🙂  We weren’t able to finish it, we just tasted it.  Didn’t like it much.



Just normal beef with rice.



This is yummy!  I guess I just love vegetables but this tasted good.



Okay, fried intestine.  But hey, this was my favorite from all the dishes we ordered.  I think I was the one who ate 80% of this dish ahhahaha!  Love it!

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