Dinner at 周師傅


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Before my mom & I head for the night market.  I accompanied her to dinner first.  Since I just ate my meal at Gate One cafe, I ended up watching mom eat a super yummy meal (Of course, do you have to ask?  I took pictures).

A lot of people frequent this restaurant and upon observing for quite some time, I saw that this place started way back in 1968.  Wow!  They are famous for their chicken w/ rice.


Guess what my mom ordered?  Ofcourse their specialty: 燒雞腿飯 Chicken Leg Rice.
For just 70NT, we were able to have the chicken leg, rice, fishball soup & vegetable side dish.


Such a treat right?  Overly affordable & delicious!  I just hope we have this place here in Manila.  Oh well…


More pictures here.


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  • cocoy

    the vegetable side dish looks tasty.

  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    everything in that meal is good :)

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A3EY7VBJFVIDZ2AD4WE5JY3GAM Jerome


  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    hey thanks for dropping by! :)

  • benison

    meron tayo nyan sa manila.. sama ka sa akin pag december night market at tutuban mall. :)

  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    really? cool cool! :)

  • benison

    parang soy chicken style ang pagluto, yum yum

  • http://rochellesychua.com Roch

    yeah it's super YUM! :)