至善園 (Garden of Perfected Benevolence)


至善園 (Garden of Perfected Benevolence)
221 Zhishan Rd., Sec. 2, Shilin, Taipei, 11143 Taiwan

After visiting National Palace Museum, do not forget to drop by 至善園 (Garden of Perfected Benevolence).  You don’t have to pay the entrance fee if you still have your ticket to the National Palace Museum (at the same day of course).  Otherwise, you’d have to pay 20NT as entrance fee.

Before you enter the garden, you will be able to see the site map by the entrance. Here are the attractions that we saw during our 15 minute visit 😛

Here is a video of the Dragon Pond. You’ll be able to see a lot of fishes and ducks swimming in the pond. The intertwining dragons in the pond symbolizes the omnipotence and magical benevolence of the Dragon..

The Pine Wind Pavilion has two floors. If you go up the second floor, you will be able to have a view of this beautiful garden. One interesting thing to note is the wooden pillars are carved with phoenixes and dragons.


The West Bridge Pavillon stands by the water. It has a bridge that connects opposite sides of the shore.


Chang Chi of the Eastern Han Dynasty wrote by a pond and washed his brush by it.  This is where the Brush Washing Pond is named after.


If you happen to be visiting during rainy season, you won’t see any flowers. We were in such a hurry that we were not able to visit the whole area. I would really loved to have visited when flowers were in season.

Other pictures here.


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2 observations on “至善園 (Garden of Perfected Benevolence)
  1. cocoy

    I want to go there, Roch. It really does look peaceful. I would like to spend an afternoon there in quiet thought.


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